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Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Tianjin Conservatory of Music was established on October 4, 1958. It is the school's mission to develop and prosper the cause of music culture and contribute to the construction of two civilizations. The central task of running a school is to cultivate talents in music theory, music creation, music performance, and music teachers who meet the needs of the society. Over the past 40 years since its establishment, it has trained and delivered more than 4,000 music talents to the country. Many of the graduates have become famous composers, singers, performers, outstanding music teachers and management backbones. Many of them have won awards in international music competitions. A large number of graduated or enrolled students have competed in various domestic competitions. Win the prize. They have made gratifying contributions to the prosperity and development of the music industry.

  The college now covers an area of 139.58 acres (92,957.78 square meters). Teaching and administrative rooms 32949.4 square meters, student dormitories 22,875 square meters, student cafeterias 3,415 square meters, 70 classrooms of various types, including 10 multimedia classrooms, 43.2 seats for 100 multimedia teachers, 747 piano rooms, and 5 dance practice rooms There are 8 dance and physical classrooms, 6 concert halls and other practice training halls. The stadium is 1,044 square meters, and the stadium is 8,900 square meters, making a total of 9,944 square meters. The library has a collection of 286,800 books (discs), 154,000 Chinese books, 32,000 foreign books, and 227 Chinese and foreign periodicals. There are 43,500 records and other audio-visual materials, and the collection of old record resources has been built into a digital resource library, which is constantly improving. It has five foreign language databases (Springer, EBSCO, OCLC, ProQuest, Grove on Line), three online Chinese databases (Superstar, Wanfang, Weipu full-text journals), and 6 self-built databases. The total value of teaching equipment is 39.72 million yuan. The total assets of the college are 240 million yuan.

   currently has 5 undergraduate majors, namely musicology, composition and composition technology theory, music performance, dance choreography and performance. There are 13 departments and basic courses in musicology, composition, vocal music, folk music, folk music, orchestra, piano, accordion keyboard, music education, art management, modern music, dance, drama, film and television, as well as scientific research and graduate department, adult and professional School of Education and the attached middle school.

   College began to recruit graduate students in 1979 and was the first batch of master's degree-granting units approved by the Academic Degrees Office of the State Council.

   The second-level music discipline (covering all music majors in the college) is a key discipline in Tianjin.

   There were 2,943 full-time students in September 2008, including 2,606 undergraduates, 234 postgraduates, 7 international students, and 96 adult education.

   The attached high school is mainly for training reserve students for universities. The school system is divided into three years (recruiting junior high school graduates) and six years (recruiting elementary school graduates). The university and the affiliated high school are facing the society and actively organize amateur training courses for music lovers of different ages in the society. There are more than 1,000 adults and children who participate in the training every year, which has made a response to the popularization of social music education and the improvement of the quality of citizens. Some contributions.

  The college has a team of teachers with reasonable structure, vigorous spirit, high academic level and comprehensive quality. Among the 277 teachers, 11 are entitled to special allowances from the State Council, 1 Tianjin Famous Teacher, 2 Tianjin Excellent Teachers, 4 Model Workers, 5 Winners of District Yongxi Teaching Award; 55 full professors, 95 associate professors There are 11 doctors and 100 masters, and the ratio of teachers, masters and doctors accounts for 40%. Many teachers are highly ethical and dedicated to cultivate talents, winning the respect and love of students. What is particularly gratifying is that a group of young teachers with both ability and political integrity have emerged in teaching or artistic practice. Their growth indicates the hope and glory of the college in the future.

  The strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and the reopening of the state policy have injected strong vitality and vitality into the prosperity and development of the college. Thanks to the care and attention of the government, the college’s school-running conditions have been significantly improved, providing students with a good learning environment and conditions. In the past ten years, the college has attached great importance to the improvement of teaching, scientific research, creation and performance. To this end, continue to deepen teaching reforms, strengthen management, and increase academic exchanges and cooperation with colleges and universities at home and abroad. Has hosted many international academic conferences; invited art troupes and famous musicians from more than 20 countries and regions to give lectures or performances; selected students to study abroad, short-term visits, competitions and performances; and hired foreign experts to come to the institute Long-term teaching. These exchanges and cooperation have effectively promoted the improvement of teaching, scientific research, creation and performance.

   The college is actively exploring the space for running schools. Based on the original school buildings, it is currently raising funds for land acquisition and expansion to meet the needs of education and teaching.

  Tianjin Conservatory of Music is a fertile ground for the growth of music scholars. It has become the common pursuit and aspiration of music students to be determined to become a talent, study hard, pursue perfection in virtue and art, and create excellence. The college will continue to innovate and forge ahead, create the most favorable conditions for the healthy growth and success of music scholars, and make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of the music industry of the Republic with the outstanding results of educating people.