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Tianjin City Vocational College

Distinctive higher vocational colleges

Tianjin City Vocational College is a general higher vocational college approved by the Tianjin Municipal Government, registered by the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by the Hebei District Government. The sixty years of development has accumulated a strong campus culture, formed the school motto of "cultivating morality and learning, and being strong and capable" and the college spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity, and innovation". The college takes "communization of vocational education and professionalization of community education" as its school-running pattern, and adheres to the school-running pattern of "one master and two wings" (one master: higher vocational education, two wings: continuing education, community education). Aiming at the development of regional industries, building vocational education majors needed for the development of people's livelihood, and cultivating technical and technical talents; aiming at the construction of learning cities, developing community education, and serving lifelong learning.

The college currently has more than 6,000 students with academic qualifications, and provides more than 60,000 education services annually. It has training bases (centers) for modern logistics management, hotel management, elderly service and management, early education, exhibition and automation technology. It includes nearly 100 training rooms such as the virtual enterprise financial operation center, Lenovo 3C service center, and virtual reality collaborative innovation center. It has a 440M public network and a gigabit local area network to achieve full coverage of the campus with wired and wireless networks.

The college is a member unit of the National Civil Affairs Commission’s Senior Steering Committee, the secretary-general unit of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Elderly Service Talent Training and Cooperation Association, the Tianjin Municipal Aged Career Industry Steering Committee, the Tianjin Early Childhood Education Professional Steering Committee, and the whole country. Outstanding Adult Continuing Education Institutions with Outstanding Deeds, National Excellent Universities for the Elderly.

3. Superior geographical conditions

The college is located in the downtown area of Tianjin, between Tianjin Railway Station and Tianjin North Railway Station, with convenient transportation. It is close to the famous Italian style area, Great Compassionate Courtyard, Wanghai Tower, Liang Qichao Drinking Ice Room, Cao Yu's Former Residence, Juewu Society and other cultural landscapes, and is deeply infiltrated by Haihe urban culture. The college is connected to Tianjin Binhai International Airport in the east and Tianjin Binhai New Area and Northern International Logistics Center to the east.

4. School-enterprise cooperation supported by the government

The college uses the government-enterprise-school-community cooperation development council as a platform, and has established more than one hundred cooperative enterprises with well-known domestic companies such as Weide International Education Group, Starwood Hotel Group, China Mobile, Huawei, Lenovo, UFIDA, Tianjin TEDA, etc. A joint training class to jointly carry out the revision of the talent training plan, the construction of curriculum resources, the compilation of training textbooks, and the internship and employment of graduates.

5. The cradle for the growth of technical talents

Take multiple measures to cultivate students' comprehensive quality and promote all-round development. In recent years, hundreds of students have won numerous awards in student skill competitions held in the country, Tianjin and even internationally. In addition, the employment rate of college graduates has been in a good situation for many years and has won a good social reputation.

Six, professional settings

The college has set up 26 majors in higher vocational education. Among them, the central government supports 2 majors for key construction, 5 majors for Tianjin demonstration school, 5 majors for Tianjin’s "13th Five-Year Plan" to improve school-running capacity construction projects, and 3 majors for modern apprenticeship pilot programs of the Ministry of Education. There are 3 international teaching standard majors, and 2 majors have participated in the construction of the national teaching resource database, and won 7 municipal teaching achievement awards and 1 national achievement award.