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Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College

Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College is a nationally established higher vocational college that recruits students from all over the country and cultivates high-quality and high-end skilled talents for the biomedical industry. The college is located in the core area of Tianjin Binhai New Area and radiates the economics and technology of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and the Bohai Rim. Industrial belt.

   Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College has experienced 50 years of vocational education and is well-known for its good industry, good professionalism and good employment. Able to systematically train skilled talents who use modern biomedicine application technology to work in the fields of pharmaceutical scientific research services, production, inspection, sales and circulation, pharmaceutical engineering equipment maintenance, and medical device manufacturing.

   Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College cooperates with biomedical companies through multiple channels to continuously innovate talent training models. Pay attention to the overall improvement of professionalism and employability to ensure smooth entry into the biomedical industry.

Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College pays attention to improving the level of running a school with China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other schools to implement seamless connection between special and undergraduate courses. While studying at the school, it also accepts undergraduate education. While obtaining a diploma from a higher vocational and technical college, obtain a bachelor degree recognized by the state.

  Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College provides various national scholarships, grants and student loans. In addition, it cooperates with enterprises to implement and provide orders to cultivate self-help and work-study positions.

   Outstanding students from Tianjin Bioengineering Vocational and Technical College can enjoy the relevant household registration policies of Tianjin Municipal Government to support the employment of high-quality and skilled talents to settle in Tianjin after graduation.

   school badge annotation

   1. The school emblem is circular. It symbolizes the cohesion and standardization of the college, as well as the inclusive and inclusive school-running ideas of educational institutions.

  2. The school emblem graphic is composed of the internal and external parts. The content of the outer ring is the standard name of the college in Chinese and English; the inner core is the basic graphic of the school emblem.

The "Y"-shaped pattern above the inner core, which resembles "medicine" Chinese pinyin initials, represents the school's school-running characteristics, main professional directions and social service areas; the three-direction central connection pattern represents the concerted efforts of the school, the enterprise, and the society. Educate and train qualified professional and technical personnel to contribute to the development of the country.

The wave pattern of the water body below the inner core of    represents on the one hand the geographical location of the school on the coast of the Bohai Sea.

  3. The overall color of the school badge adopts green that represents life, which means that the school's mission is to serve human health, and it shows the vitality and vigor of the school.

   The term "school motto" means: school teaching or school rules. The school motto represents the school's school-running principles and objectives, the direction of struggle, the school's spirit, the training goals and the purpose of teaching, all teachers and students must bear in mind.

   This "school motto" can be interpreted as: study at school, explore the knowledge of meticulously and rigorously; engage in professional honesty and trustworthiness. To behave in ways that are contrary to ethical norms that are seen and heard in reality, uphold justice and strictly restrain oneself

  The school motto embodies the concept of "people-oriented", taking into account the existence of the two main bodies of school educators and educated persons.

   Rigorous study is aimed at teachers and students. All study and study should be based on rigorous and pragmatic, advocating science.

  Practicing with integrity is a life-long professional ethics agreement for teachers and students, and honesty and trustworthiness must be the standard when practicing in their respective positions.

  Self-cleansing, self-discipline, knowing and behavioral norms. It also warns that teachers and students should use this as a criterion to strengthen moral cultivation, be cautious in words and deeds, and adhere to in ideological pursuit and practice.

   Since ancient times, the pharmaceutical industry has always regarded honesty as its life and self-cultivation as the most important "benevolent industry". The requirements for the qualifications of practitioners are not comparable to those in ordinary industries. The school motto has also developed this traditional practice, which has more practical significance in today's anti-commercial bribery integrity pharmaceuticals.