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Tianjin Vocational and Technical College of Engineering

Tianjin Vocational and Technical College of Engineering is located in Binhai New District, Tianjin. It was established in 2001 with the approval of the Tianjin Municipal Government. It is a full-time comprehensive higher vocational college focusing on engineering and formerly known as Tianjin University Petroleum Branch. The college covers an area of 779 acres, with a building area of more than 200,000 square meters and more than 8,000 students.

The school-running philosophy is to serve economic and social development as the main line, adhere to the direction of "based on the industry, face the society, close to the economy, and serve the enterprise", adhere to the concurrent school-running model of "vocational education, corporate training, and adult education", forming a capability-based school model , Learning from foreign advanced educational concepts, and deepening the teaching reform characteristics of teaching work; using campus cultural activities as the carrier, with professional ethics education as the core, and the characteristics of moral education work closely following the actual employment of students.

The college has departments of petroleum and chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, architectural engineering, information engineering, management engineering, and art. It offers oil and gas geological exploration technology, petroleum engineering technology, petrochemical production technology, and safety technology management. , Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Technology, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Electrical Automation, Applied Electronic Technology, Numerical Control Technology, Internet of Things Application Technology, Building Decoration Engineering Technology, Engineering Cost, Engineering Supervision, Installation Engineering, Construction Engineering, Financial Insurance, Computerized Accounting , Logistics management, tourism management, environmental monitoring and governance technology, applied chemical technology, software technology, computer network technology, information security technology, environmental art design, advertising design and production, music performance, building construction technology and other 32 majors have formed The professional layout is based on the majors of petroleum and petrochemicals, and supported by the majors of electrical, electronics, electrical automation and petroleum engineering management. Among them, the major of petroleum engineering technology is the key major of Tianjin universities, the major of petrochemical production technology and engineering cost is the key major supported by the state finance, and the college is the main examination school for the national higher education self-study examination of petroleum engineering.

The Institute of Infrastructure has a fully functional experimental training center, network management and audio-visual teaching center, multimedia teaching center, computer information center, and library and reference center. The total value of teaching equipment is 80 million yuan, and there are standard lawn sports fields and sports halls. , The library has more than 600,000 books. The student life service facilities are complete and complete. There are 20 student apartments, which can accommodate nearly 10,000 students; there are 6 student canteens; the college has medical and health institutions and student bathrooms, etc., property management is standardized, and the campus environment is beautiful.

   Faculty The college has 280 full-time teachers, including more than 130 professors and associate professors. There are more than 100 textbooks compiled and published by the teachers of the college, more than 400 exchange papers have been published in national journals above the level of two or above the provincial and ministerial level, dozens of technological inventions, teaching and research results have won national patents or provincial and ministerial awards. The oil and gas field development and enterprise application software projects undertaken by research institutions such as the Institute of Reservoir Geology, the Institute of Software Development and Application, and the Institute of Political Theory have been widely used in production and have achieved significant economic and social benefits. The college has a team of 152 part-time teachers composed mainly of senior engineering and technical personnel from enterprises and scientific research institutes. According to the actual needs of the front line, the teaching content is updated in time to continuously adapt to the requirements of the training objectives. Foreign teachers hired by the college directly participate in teaching and training.

Vocational characteristics focus on the training goals of applied and skilled talents. The college highlights the training of vocational ability, implements the "dual certificate" system, and has the Tianjin National Skills Appraisal Institute (the 81st), the national financial reward oil and gas storage and transportation base, Electrical and Electronics Training Base, Comprehensive Vocational Skills Appraisal Station of PetroChina Dagang Vocational Skills Appraisal Center and Tianjin Industrial System Petroleum and Petrochemical High-skilled Talent Training Base. Petroleum and Chemicals Training Base was identified as the first batch of Tianjin Vocational Colleges in 2007 For the training base construction project, the college was jointly designated by the Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal Government as a training base for skilled talents in the Binhai New Area. The 60 on-campus practice bases and 56 off-campus practice bases, including advanced supporting petroleum engineering, petrochemical, and construction engineering management, can fully meet the needs of students' vocational training. The rate of obtaining certificates for graduates in relevant professional qualifications is 100%.

  Campus Culture The college adheres to the principle of moral education as the first and education for people. According to the characteristics of higher vocational students, it takes campus cultural construction activities as the carrier, professional ethics education as the core, and the characteristics of moral education work closely following the actual employment of students. Various student associations and self-education, management, and service organizations are sound, campus culture creation activities are vigorously carried out, student management is strict and orderly, and a good school spirit and style of study have been formed. It is a demonstration unit for the construction of spiritual civilization in Tianjin's education system and Tianjin school art Advanced units in education work and advanced units in school sports work in Tianjin. The teacher-student art performance group has won many awards in the city and district art performances, and has been praised for participating in international cultural exchanges abroad. The good humanistic environment has promoted the development of students' personality and the improvement of overall quality. The well-known Tianjin women’s percussion band has been invited to participate in many large-scale performances such as the Tianjin Spring Festival Gala, the China Radio Film and Television Awards China Original Song Awards Ceremony, and Tianjin Binhai Art Festival. Won the gold award.

The Enterprise Training Institute has more than ten trainings including the national small and medium-sized enterprise manager training, the national business management training for enterprise managers, the national salesperson, the marketing manager qualification examination, the national computer software engineer qualification and level examination, and the Tianjin reemployment training designated unit. Qualifications. It is a social examination training institution named by the Tianjin Education Enrollment and Examination Institute and the National Computer Rank Examination of the Ministry of Education, College English Band 4 and 6 Examination, National Public English Level Examination, National Software Engineer Qualification and Proficiency Examination, National Information Computer Education Certification Project (CEAC) exam, National Association of Commercial Technicians Salesperson Examination, Marketing Manager Qualification Examination, Logistics Professional Qualification Examination, Tianjin Computer Application Ability Examination, E-commerce Examination, E-Government Examination Training and Examination Centers. The job qualifications, adaptability and skill training of professional technicians and production operators have reached more than 30,000 person-times, and the annual assessment has reached more than 5,000 person-times. Undertook the development tasks of five types of work projects in the "Tianjin Vocational Training Package Project Development Implementation Plan". Actively expand various types of personnel training programs for foreign petroleum companies, and train more than 300 new employees, management and professional and technical personnel for petroleum companies in Iraq, Niger, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Russia. It has played the radiating function and exemplary role of community education, and has been rated as an advanced unit of adult education in Tianjin and an excellent organization unit for computer and English training examinations for many years.

While holding general higher vocational education, the College of Adult Education offers multi-level education and training programs from junior college to postgraduate. It has the functions of adult higher education and secondary vocational education, and has petroleum engineering, accounting computerization, marketing, and engineering cost management. Profession has made a positive contribution to the improvement of the professional quality and educational level of enterprise employees, and achieved good results. In the past 20 years, it has trained more than 20,000 college and undergraduate graduates. The college’s adult education has repeatedly won the title of Tianjin Advanced Unit for Adult Higher Education. At the same time, the college has close cooperative relations with China University of Petroleum (East China) and Tianjin University of Technology. There is an off-campus learning center for modern distance education of China University of Petroleum (East China). It began to cooperate in distance education in 2006. Up to now, it has trained nearly 4,000 graduates for the society, and currently has about 2,600 students.

The School of Foreign Exchange has established a fixed academic exchange relationship with vocational education colleges in Germany, Canada, Australia and other countries. Among them, the "Petroleum Engineering Technology (Sino-Australian Cooperation) Major" was held with the Central TAFE of Australia. "Advanced academic education program", graduates are welcomed by foreign oil companies.

   Student Employment The college adheres to the employment-oriented approach and actively carries out student employment guidance. There is a career guidance and entrepreneurship center and an employment guidance office, which are responsible for career guidance, entrepreneurship education and recommendation of graduates for employment, and incorporate career guidance courses into the teaching plan. The college has established a relatively stable employment relationship with more than 100 enterprises and institutions. Large-scale recruitment activities are held regularly in the school every year. Four to five hundred employers come to the school to recruit graduates. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% over the years. The college implements training modes such as "integration of work and study", "work-study", and "order-based", and has successively signed training agreements with large enterprises such as PetroChina, CNOOC, and Sinopec. The college has close ties with many Chinese and foreign high-tech enterprises in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. Graduates who recommend employment are welcomed by employers and gradually become the backbone of technology and management of the enterprise. China Enterprise Talent Network and many enterprises call the college "students become talents Fertile soil, a model of employment."

Social reputation has successively won the "National Employee Education and Vocational Training Advanced Unit", "National Advanced Unit for the 10-year Socialization Reform of University Logistics", "Tianjin Education System Demonstration Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction", "Tianjin Advanced Unit for Teacher Ethics Construction", " Honorary titles such as Tianjin School Art Education Advanced Unit" and "Tianjin School Sports Advanced Unit", and were awarded the title of "National Vocational Education Advanced Unit" by the seven ministries and commissions of the State Council. It is the first batch of key demonstration vocational colleges in Tianjin The school has been commended by superiors many times and has aroused widespread media attention. CCTV, Tianjin Television, China Education News, Tianjin Daily and other news organizations have conducted exclusive interviews or special reports on the college many times. The college has achieved excellent results in the special work evaluations of teaching, moral education, sports, health, enrollment and employment organized by the superiors over the years. The achievements have won widespread praise from the enterprise and society.