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Tianjin Institute of Communication

The College of Sports, Culture and Art of Tianjin Institute of Physical Education (school code 13659) is an independent college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. It is a general undergraduate institution of higher learning with the main purpose of cultivating cultural, art and media talents that my country urgently needs.

The school enrolls students across the country in accordance with the national general college enrollment plan. Students who pass the school period will be awarded a graduation certificate from the School of Sports and Culture and Art of Tianjin University of Sport, and those who meet the requirements for bachelor's degree will be awarded a bachelor's degree from Tianjin University of Sport, Culture and Art. Certificate. The school has 20 undergraduate majors, covering 5 disciplines of art, education, literature, engineering, and management, with an annual enrollment of more than 1,500 students.

The school is located at the foot of Panshan Mountain, a national 5A-level tourist attraction. It covers an area of 1,000 acres and a building area of 150,000 square meters. It is an important part of the "Beijing-Tianjin International Cultural Industry Education Park". It is the same as Beijing Modern Art Media with Beijing Modern Music Research Institute. A sister school under the Education Group.

The school is located in the one-hour living circle of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. According to the urban cultural positioning of Beijing as the national cultural center and Tianjin as the northern cultural capital, the school will take the innovation of educational concepts as the guide, the construction of disciplines and majors as the leader, and the optimization of the curriculum system. Focus, with the characteristics of applied, compound and original talent training, gradually form a discipline and professional system with regional advantages and cultural industry characteristics; deepen the reform of education and teaching, and cultivate applied art with strong professional practice ability and innovative spirit Working with media talents, strive to build the school into a domestic higher-level art academy with greater influence and outstanding characteristics.

   There are seven schools under the school: the School of Music, the School of Dance, the School of Visual Arts, the School of Drama, the School of Film and Television, the School of Broadcasting and Hosting Arts, the School of Culture and Management, and the Department of Basic Teaching. At present, the construction of professional disciplines tends to take shape, constructing the basic framework of art and media education. The majors planned for enrollment in 2018 are: music performance, dance performance, dance studies, radio and television choreography, theater film and television director, film and television photography and production, broadcasting and hosting art, performance (film and television performance), theater film and television literature, theater film and television art design, Recording art, animation (animation and game design), visual communication design, digital media technology, art education, journalism, Chinese language and literature, cultural industry management, e-commerce and other undergraduate majors.

  The school has a team of teachers with reasonable structure, outstanding professionalism, strong sense of responsibility, and a combination of full-time and part-time. Most of the professional teachers come from the Central Conservatory of Music, Communication University of China, Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing Film Academy, Vienna Conservatory of Music in Austria, Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music in Russia, Hokkaido University of Education in Japan, Cuban Higher Academy of Arts, etc. Well-known art academies abroad, with strong professional ability and rich teaching experience. The school launched the "Panshan Scholars" subject professional leader introduction project, and specially hired domestic high-level and high-level experts and scholars to teach in the school to speed up the development of disciplines and professions and improve the quality of talent training. At present, 9 experts and scholars have signed contracts and they are distributed in one of the seven colleges of the school, covering most of the school's majors.

The school has a teaching experiment center, including the largest dance rehearsal building in Asia, an international high-standard piano room (228 rooms), a music theater, a black box experimental theater, a large-scale MIDI studio, an electric piano studio, and advanced full-scene simulation 3D virtual TV Various teaching facilities such as studios, professional-level radio broadcast studios, film and television recording studios, cinema-level film and television review rooms, multi-functional complexes, digital audio and video workstations, etc., can fully meet the needs of teaching and practical activities of teachers and students. The school has established two international practical teaching and professional internship bases-film and television location base and performing arts product rehearsal synthesis base. It has co-produced 56 film and television dramas and micro-films, and undertook the large-scale landscape performance of "Panshan under the Heaven", "Wencheng" "Princess", "Red Man and Green Girl" and other large-scale national musical performances. The school library and network center have a collection of more than 500,000 books and 900 megabytes of network bandwidth. CNKI can directly access the home, which can meet the needs of students for online learning and paper review and writing.

The school attaches importance to and strengthens professional practice teaching. After long-term exploration, combined with the construction of the school’s "Sky Art Superstar Crowd Creation Space", a practical teaching system of "one main line, two classrooms, and (3+1) levels" has been constructed: one main line: Professional practice teaching and innovation and entrepreneurship practice education are integrated. The four-year undergraduate course runs through the main line of innovation and entrepreneurship education; two classrooms: the first and second classroom practice teaching functions are integrated and interactive, and the second classroom gives full play to the independent collaborative practice and innovation of students in the second classroom The role of entrepreneurial ability training; (3+1) level: the 3rd layer is the basic ability practice layer, the professional core application ability practice layer, and the comprehensive ability practice layer; the +1 layer is the innovation and entrepreneurship actual combat layer based on the crowd-creation space. At the same time, a "front-end and back-field" innovation and entrepreneurship practice teaching model has been formed, relying on the school's radio, film and television production comprehensive experimental area and crowd-creation space, facing the market and facing the workplace, and training media and artistic talents with high innovative and entrepreneurial practical capabilities.

The school adheres to the school-running philosophy of integrating art education with society, with the market, with the world, and with the times, and gradually condenses and builds distinctive brand majors; insists on proactively adapting to the development needs of the cultural industry, and strengthens "open school running, diversified training, and chain The professional construction thinking of "type structure" has allowed the whole school to form a consensus, steadily promote the comprehensive development of the school, and create a new world of modern art and media education with Chinese characteristics.