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Tianjin Polytechnic Vocational College

Tianjin Polytechnic Vocational College (formerly Tianjin Metallurgical Vocational and Technical College) is a public full-time general higher education institution approved by the Tianjin Municipal Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in Beichen District (the site of the former Tianjin University Metallurgical Branch). The campus has a quiet and elegant environment, complete advanced teaching facilities, clean and comfortable accommodation, complete sports facilities, and more than 7,000 students of various types. The college has eight teaching departments (departments), including metallurgical engineering department, electrical engineering department, mechanical engineering department, intelligent technology department, economic management engineering department, basic course department, ideological and political department, and physical education department. Our school is rigorous in academic studies and excellent in school spirit. With the goal of cultivating high-skilled talents for the first-line needs of production, construction, service and management, we continue to promote the reform of the talent training model, and the quality of teaching is steadily improved. In recent years, it has won many honorary titles such as "municipal education and teaching reform advanced unit" and "municipal model worker collective".

The college has a team of "Experts Enjoying Special Government Allowances", "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions", "National Vocational College Teaching Teachers", "Tianjin Advanced Individuals in Science and Technology Innovation", and "Tianjin Model Workers" "Tianjin Excellent Teachers", "National Vocational Skills Contest Award-winning Teachers", etc. are the backbone of the teaching staff, with teachers who graduated from prestigious universities across the country as the main body. The college has 179 full-time teachers, including 1 doctoral teacher, 54 master's degree teachers, 3 senior titles, 71 associate senior titles, and 66 intermediate titles. Among the professional teachers in the college, there are 100 teachers with double-qualified and double-qualified teachers.

  The college has a campus network with the characteristics of the times, a closed-circuit television system and a computer teaching system. The internship training area covering an area of more than 60 acres has 19 on-campus training bases, 71 experiments, training rooms, and practice workshops. There are a total of 2,785 equipment (sets), and the asset value of the equipment has increased from 11 million yuan in the Tenth Five-Year Plan to 51.94 million yuan at present. The college's metal products, electrical engineering, mechatronics, electromechanical, and steel pipe production training bases are supported by the municipal "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", the Central Government's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and special funds within the central budget. The college also cooperated with Rockwell Corporation of the United States to build a Rockwell Automation Training Center. The college and General Electric Company of the United States invested 22 million yuan to jointly build the GE Intelligent Platform Automation Training Center.

   The school-run enterprise has advanced equipment and can accept students from the school for professional internships and produce their own stereotyped products. The college has successively cooperated with large and medium-sized enterprises such as Tianjin Steel Pipe Company, Tiangang Group, Wire & Cable Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Company, and General Motors to jointly establish teaching practice and training bases.

The college is the "Binhai New Area Metallurgical Talent Training Base", "Special Occupation Skills Appraisal Station of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security", "Tianjin Industrial System Metallurgical High-skilled Talent Training Base", "Education Committee System Vocational Skills Appraisal Training and Evaluation Base" , "Tianjin Youth Skilled Talent Demonstration Base", "High Skilled Talent Training Base of Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau", "Tianjin Metallurgical Industry Vocational Skills Appraisal Station". The college comprehensively promotes quality education focusing on innovation and practical ability.

   Take employment as the orientation, set up professional courses, flexibly adjust the professional direction, and strengthen professional reform and construction in accordance with the requirements of regional economic development. Based on the requirements of the professional post group, adopt the integrated teaching method of "teaching, learning and doing", vigorously promote the talent training model of combining work and study, carry out the construction of school-enterprise cooperation, and enrich the connotation of professional teaching. In the professional construction, we will actively build a structural model characterized by the metallurgical specialty, the manufacturing and electronics majors as the backbone, and the common development of financial management and other liberal arts majors. The college currently has 19 majors in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, and financial management. The college focuses on the all-round development of students and is committed to the cultivation of highly skilled talents. In the past two years, the college has hosted and participated in a number of national and municipal higher vocational and technical skills competitions. Among them, 6 people won the national second prize, 14 people won the first prize of Tianjin, and 15 people won the second prize of Tianjin. Award, 14 people won the third prize of Tianjin City. Among the 86 students who won the first prize in the city and were promoted to undergraduate colleges in 2011, 10 students from the college ranked among them, ranking among the best in Tianjin higher vocational colleges.

  The college focuses on school-enterprise alliances and has specialized agencies for employment guidance. The college has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with dozens of state-owned enterprises, joint ventures, and foreign-funded enterprises in this city. The implementation of "order-based" training has broadened the employment channels for graduates. In recent years, the employment rate of various graduates of our school has reached 96%. The good quality of the students is recognized by the company, and the company is satisfied with our graduates, and the basic satisfaction rate has reached more than 92%. The college was rated as an advanced unit of employment by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission.

In 2009, the college ushered in a new round of talent training evaluation. Facing the severe tests and challenges related to the survival and development of the college, the faculty and staff worked hard to overcome the difficulties with the college with their outstanding work. After more than a year of hardship Efforts have won the overall victory in the evaluation and construction work, and successfully reached the "pass" standard.

  The college has a long history of international exchanges. Since establishing contact with the Erft Regional Vocational College in Germany in 1986, it has successively established friendly inter-school exchanges with the United States, Japan, Canada, Singapore and other countries; signed a cooperative education agreement with Regents College in Australia; and Seoul, South Korea. Liuhan Industrial High School" has established a sister school and established a stable long-term cooperative relationship. International exchanges and cooperation have built a bridge for teachers and students to study and practice abroad.

  The college has scholarships for university students and outstanding university student leaders to reward outstanding students with comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, and physical. Students can apply for national scholarship, municipal government scholarship, fraternity scholarship, Bai Fangli scholarship, etc. In accordance with the spirit of the national document on student loans, a green channel has been opened for students in need, and students are guided to apply for student loans. The college provides work-study positions on campus for poor students.