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Tianjin Vocational College of Art

 Founded in 2002, Tianjin Art Vocational College is a full-time high vocational college of art approved by Tianjin municipal government and recorded by National Ministry of Education. This college grew out of two vocational schools: one is Tianjin Art School, which had a history of 50 years and was granted the "National Key Vocational School of Art" by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, and the other is North Folk Art School of China, which has a history of more than 20 years and is the only professional school that was engaged in cultivating folk art performers in China. The College is established to inherit and develop Chinese national culture and arts, and make contributions to the development of Tianjin culture. It sets social demands as guideline, combines production with studies and researches, and strives to cultivate a large number of multi-level specialized personnel that have high quality and can meet the requirements for achieving cultural development and prosperity.

  The College now has Drama Department (including Chinese Opera Performance and Accompaniment major), Folk Art Department (including Comic, Dialogue, and Guqu major), Music Department (which includes Vocal Music, Chinese Musical Instruments Performance major), Dance Department (including Chinese Dance, Ballet specialties), Cultural Management Department (including Cultural Market Operation and Management, Guide, Character Image Design, Broadcasting &Hosting,Photography Technology, Model and etiquette, Drama and film and television performances and other specialties). Stage Art and Culture Fair Department (including Identification and Restoration of Cultural Relics, Exhibition Planning and Management and Stage Design specialties ), Preschool Art Education Department. The College not only provides full-time college level vocational education, but also provides secondary level education, adult higher education and amateur art professional training.

  The College has a strong teaching staff, distinctive teaching methods and has made remarkable achievements. Students of the college participate in various national art competitions every year, have achieved excellent results. Especially in the National Children's Peking Opera Contest students from our college win prizes frequently. On behalf of China and Tianjin, many students from our college have given performances in other countries and regions, and are reputed as the angel that spread friendship and culture. Many students become excellent actors and performers that are widely known at home and abroad, and some has won various national awards, including 20 "Plum Blossom Award", 5 "Mei Lanfang Gold Award" and 4 "Culture Award". Besides, 21 people receive the "Best Performance Award" in the previous National TV contest of Young Peking Opera Actor. In view of cultivating talents and winning competition, the college stands out among others of its kind in the country, and it has a high social prestige.

  The new site of college is officially put into use in October 2010. The establishment of new site has further enhanced the comprehensive strength of the college. With pioneering and innovative spirits, all the staff and students of the college will forge ahead in unity, and strive to make Tianjin Art Vocational College a modern art talent training base that matches with the status of Tianjin as an international port city and economic center in the North China.