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Tianjin Vocational College of Radio, Film and Television

Tianjin Radio, Film and Television Vocational College is the only radio, film and television college in Tianjin approved by the Tianjin Municipal People's Government and reported to the Ministry of Education for the record. The college adopts a new school-running mechanism and model to cultivate urgently needed high-quality skilled talents for the national radio, film and television and other cultural industries and information communication fields.

   College is located on the north side of Houtai Wetland Scenic Area in Tianjin, with a construction area of 120,000 square meters.

   The college has established teaching departments such as the Department of Journalism and Communication, the Department of Film and Television Technology, the Department of Performance and Broadcasting, the Department of Applied Arts, the Department of Basic Courses, and the Internship Training Center, integrating teaching, scientific research and production of film and television programs.

Relying on a strong industrial background and industry support, the college provides a reliable training base for the organization of higher vocational education. The teaching staff is strong. At present, it has a large number of well-known international and domestic radio, film and television experts and scholars, forming a high-level dual-qualification team. Faculty.

  The college enrolls students from all over the country, and after graduation, students will be issued with a nationally recognized certificate of higher vocational education. In the context of cultural development and prosperity, and the overall improvement of cultural soft power, radio, film and television, new cultural industries and new media have flourished, providing students with a broad employment space. The college is committed to the training and research of high-level talents in radio, television, film, network and new media. With the concept of big communication and the vision of all media, the college is rooted in radio and television, facing the media industry, and serving radio, television, movies, newspapers, networks and new media wholeheartedly.

The school’s characteristics of the school: adhere to the industry characteristics of education and teaching and radio, film and television industries; take the road of multi-field compatibility and cross-penetration of large-scale communication; adhere to the combination of theory and practice and highlight the basic characteristics of ability training; pay attention to the comprehensive ability of students The direction of professional ethics training.