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Tianjin Bohai Vocational and Technical College

Tianjin Bohai Vocational and Technical College is a full-time public institution of higher learning. The college has a history of nearly 60 years. It is the first batch of "model colleges" construction units in Tianjin and an advanced unit of vocational education in Tianjin. It has been approved by Tianjin for six consecutive years. The city is rated as a civilized school. In 2007, 2012, and 2013, three national student skill competitions were successfully held in the college with the approval of the Ministry of Education; the selected student representative teams participated in the "National Vocational Skills Competition" and won the first prize of the group for five consecutive years. . The recommended employment rate and promotion rate of graduates far exceed the average index of Tianjin City, and the excellent student quality and good learning environment have won unanimous praise from the society. At present, the college has 9,200 students from more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and its scale and teaching quality are among the best in Tianjin.

   teaching environment. The main campus of the college is located in Xiditou Town, Beichen District, Tianjin. The campus covers an area of 701 acres, with a building area of 286,000 square meters, school assets of 400 million yuan, and teaching equipment assets of 100 million yuan. With the key support of the central government and Tianjin municipal finance, the college has 20,000 square meters of similar equipment in the country. The first-class colleges and universities, Tianjin’s largest vocational colleges and universities of similar professional skills training training base, including mechatronics and CNC machining maintenance center, unit production process operation technology center, biopharmaceutical production technology center, petrochemical production training center , Manage logistics and information media application center, and 15,000 square meters of gymnasium (table tennis hall, badminton, fitness hall), swimming pool, training center hotel. It reflects the modern teaching core facilities of the college.

   Teacher team. The college has 11 teaching departments and departments, 705 faculty members, 531 faculty members, 25 professors, 185 associate professors, 15 doctoral and PhD candidates (including 3 post-doctorate), 43 professional leaders, and senior engineers There are 70 teachers, including 3 famous teachers in the national industry, 1 famous teacher in Tianjin, and 2 outstanding teaching teams at the provincial and ministerial level. We hired Shen Panwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor of Nankai University, as the honorary dean of the college, forming a high school with academicians under the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known experts as consultants, professors as the leader, double high schools as professional leaders, and double teachers as the backbone of associate professors. A team of qualified teachers.

  Professional development. Aiming at the development of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the college adheres to the service-oriented and employment-oriented school policy; it builds a professional chain around the industrial chain of modern enterprises and a course chain around the product chain. At present, there are 45 majors (38 junior colleges, 7 undergraduates) in the school, including: 2 special majors supported by the central government, 5 special majors supported by Tianjin finance, 1 national education reform pilot major, and provincial and ministerial education reform 1 pilot major, 1 national quality course, 10 provincial and ministerial quality courses, 3 provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards, 8 national scientific research projects, 26 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, editor-in-chief of the national high school There are more than 270 textbooks for vocational colleges and 15 invention patents.

   Employment of graduates. The college insists on being student-oriented, safeguarding the employment rights of students, recommending 100% of students for employment, and choosing standardized companies, high-paying companies, and technologically advanced companies for students. Over the years, in order to strengthen the relationship with employers, the college has established a school-enterprise cooperation committee to run a school with nearly a hundred well-known enterprises in Tianjin's Binhai New Area to reach annual employment intentions. The college regularly holds many large-scale talent supply and demand negotiation recruitment fairs every year. It also cooperates with central enterprises and super large state-owned enterprises such as: Sinopec Tianjin Company, Tianjin Seamless, Zhongsha Group, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, Tasly Pharmaceutical Group, Airbus Group, Tianjin Port Group, Tianjin Soda Plant, Tianjin Dagu Chemical Plant, Inner Mongolia Shenhua Group, Wuhai Coal Coking Co., Ltd. and many other companies carry out perennial order-based talent training, involving petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, medicine, ports, metallurgy, electronic information, economy and trade, aerospace, and nuclear industry. The job orders of central enterprises and super-large state-owned enterprises are already in short supply, and graduates are generally praised by employers.

In accordance with relevant national policies, the college also recommends more than one hundred outstanding graduates to join the army in army, navy, air, and second artillery units each year; recommends some outstanding graduates to the western region to support key national construction projects; recommends outstanding graduates to rural counterparts Select and hire "college student village officials" to receive training and so on.

  The channel for students to upgrade to undergraduate. First, through the National and Tianjin Student Skills Competition organized by the college each year, the winners are recommended to study full-time undergraduate courses in ordinary colleges and universities in Tianjin without taking the test. The second is through the undergraduate training classes organized by the college to participate in the unified examination of Tianjin every year to be promoted to a full-time undergraduate in Tianjin ordinary colleges and universities (accounting for about 35% of the reference students, and the promotion rate is among the top in the city for five years). Third, as the first batch of pilot colleges for undergraduate degree education approved by Tianjin City, the college will give full play to the advantages of self-study exams and radio and television resources, and try to run a joint undergraduate degree class. At present, 7 majors of various types have been opened for students. During the school, you can obtain the national junior college and undergraduate diplomas.

   Caring for students. The college conscientiously implements the national and Tianjin scholarship policies, and continuously increases the intensity of student scholarships. Scholarships and stipends at all levels and various types average 600-8,000 yuan per student per year, and there are also hundreds of poverty-stricken positions. Work-study positions and green channels have been opened for students with family difficulties, so as to sincerely help every student who needs help. The water source for teachers and students in Beichen campus is completely free purified water, which guarantees the physical and mental health of teachers and students. In addition, the college will also arrange for students to conduct paid production internships in enterprises during their stay at the school.

   During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the college will be guided by the scientific development concept, closely centered on economic and social development, and built a model college as a carrier to deepen reforms, accelerate development, and write a new chapter in Tianjin Vocational Education!