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Armed Police Logistics College

The Logistics College of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force is based on the main body of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Medical School and the Armed Police Engineering College’s logistics major is merged. It is the only higher medical college in the Armed Police Force. Logistics department. The college is located on Chenglin Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, covering an area of 703.8 acres and a total construction area of more than 210,000 square meters.

Over the past two decades since its establishment, under the correct leadership of the Party Committee of the Armed Police Force and the Party Committee of the Logistics Department, the college has worked hard, pioneered and forge ahead, and achieved leapfrog development in comprehensive construction: from decentralized schooling to centralized schooling, from health school to medical school to medicine The colleges range from technical secondary education, tertiary education, undergraduate education, joint postgraduate education to joint training of doctoral students, and from simple full-time general education to full-time general education and different types of continuing education.