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Tianjin Modern Vocational and Technical College

Established in 2001, Tianjin Modern Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time higher vocational college, the first batch to enter Tianjin Haihe Education Park. In 2010, the college was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as a national exemplary backbone higher vocational college construction unit. In 2015, it passed the inspection and acceptance with an excellent level; in 2014, the national biotechnology and application professional teaching resource library construction project was completed and passed the acceptance; 2012 Approved by the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and Tianjin University of Commerce to carry out joint training of four-year higher vocational talents pilot work. The college is a training base for skilled talents in the Binhai New Area. It is a national-level training project unit for backbone teachers of higher vocational colleges. The biopharmaceutical technology major has been rated as a national vocational college health service demonstration major by the Ministry of Education. Won the 4th National "Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Award Excellent School Award".

   The college has 36 majors, including 7 domestic leading specialty majors and 3 Tianjin municipal-level teaching reform pilot majors. The college closely combines the organizer’s distinctive industry characteristics and the industrial characteristics of the regional economy in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, adhering to the professional construction concept of "connecting industries, optimizing the structure, coordinated development, and strengthening characteristics", and actively connects regional economic and social development and industrial structure adjustments. The need for upgrading, closely combined with the talent needs of industry enterprises, continuously optimize and adjust the professional layout, and form 8 professional clusters covering 36 majors. The central government supports 6 key construction majors, 4 key construction majors in Tianjin, and college-level majors. There are 4 specialty (key) construction majors. The key construction of majors has led to the overall improvement of the development and construction of professional clusters, forming a "national-city-school" three-level professional coordinated development layout.

The professional group covers the biological professional group of food biotechnology, food nutrition and testing, and pharmaceutical production technology supported by the central finance, the environmental engineering technology professional group supported by the central finance, and the precision machinery technology and drone application technology supported by the central finance The equipment manufacturing industry professional group covers the electronic information industry group specialized in Internet of Things application technology and mechatronics technology supported by Tianjin Municipal Finance. The equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, and biomedical industry are all among the eight pillar industries in Tianjin, and the college's professional settings are highly compatible with the regional industrial structure.

   There are currently 7 secondary colleges with 9,000 students, including 18 international students from Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam. The college has 131 professors and associate professors, and 2 provincial and municipal teaching teachers. In the past three years, the college enrolled students in this city with a voluntary rate of 100%, and the average employment rate of graduates was over 98%. The college has always been committed to the teaching research and reform of higher vocational education. It presided over the "Research and Practice of the Integrated Production and Training Teaching Workshop Model" and won the second prize of National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award and the first prize of Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award; The formation of reserve troops in higher vocational colleges, military-enterprise schools jointly educated technical and technical talents" won the second prize of national teaching achievement and the first prize of Tianjin teaching achievement. Presided over the National Higher Vocational Education "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" project "Research on the Model of Joint Training of High-Skilled Non-commissioned Officers" by the Army and the Local Government. The college has hosted the National Vocational College Skills Competition 9 times and won 15 first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 7 third prizes in related competitions.

   Modern College pays attention to the deep integration of international exchanges and vocational education, and has built a broad international development platform for the teachers and students of the school. The college is the governing unit of the Foreign Student Education Management Association of Tianjin Colleges and universities. It has the qualifications to hire foreign experts. It employs 4 foreign experts and teachers, and 1 part-time professor for international exchanges. The Australian Tasmanian Wine Culture Training Center settled in Modern College. The college has successively signed agreements with more than 10 foreign universities and institutions, including TAFE College of Tasmania, Australia, on cooperation projects such as courses, teachers, and international students. Modern College has selected 217 teachers to conduct professional training in 13 countries including Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The construction of international curriculum standards for three majors including precision machinery technology has been completed, and the level of construction of internationally superior majors has been improved.