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Tianjin Vocational College of Public Security Police Officers

Tianjin Public Security Professional College (Tianjin Public Security Professional College) is a junior college with higher qualifications approved by the Ministry of Education. It is the only public security college in Tianjin and is affiliated to Tianjin Public Security Bureau and Tianjin Education Commission . Its predecessor, Tianjin Public Security School, was established in January 1949. It has gone through the periods of Tianjin Public Security School, Tianjin People’s Police School, and Tianjin Police Vocational College. It is a public security college with a long history, distinctive characteristics and excellent academic style. Over the past 60 years since its establishment, the institute has trained and delivered tens of thousands of business backbones and professionals for the public security organs and security departments of enterprises and institutions in Tianjin and more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. In May 2011, with the approval of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Government, Tianjin Vocational College of Public Security Police and Tianjin Municipal Law Management Cadre College merged. The teaching staff, the scale of teaching and the level of running schools have been greatly improved, and the advantages of education and teaching resources have become more prominent.

   Tianjin Vocational College of Public Security Police Officers has good conditions for running schools. The campus covers an area of 739.2 acres and 98,000 square meters of teaching and administrative buildings. The 14,000-square-meter teaching building can accommodate more than 2,000 students at the same time, equipped with closed-circuit television and computer network systems; the experimental training building is equipped with criminal photography, trace inspection, document inspection, forensic testing, psychological testing, data recovery, and electronic evidence collection. 22 indoor experimental training rooms such as, simulated driving; advanced multimedia classrooms; simulated scenes, simulated police stations, simulated courts, police skills and tactics and other training venues; police physical training halls, used for Sanda, fighting, and fitness training It can also be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and other ball games that meet national standards; standard plastic track and field stadiums can host various sports events; 15 target positions in the shooting hall can be used for 25-meter and 50-meter shooting training, equipped with Automatic target reporting and TV monitoring system; 3,000 square meters of outdoor development training venues; the library information center covers an area of 7774 square meters, with a total of 422,000 paper books and e-books, 902 reading seats, and an electronic reading room.

The school has 7 teaching departments with 240 teachers, including 102 professors and associate professors, 122 lecturers, 16 teaching assistants, 23 professional and technical personnel, including 5 senior titles, 14 intermediate and 4 juniors, forming a one Support a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary faculty research team with senior and middle-level teachers as the backbone.

Since the establishment of the school, more than tens of thousands of graduates have been trained, all over the city’s public security, political and legal institutions. Some of them have taken up leadership positions at all levels; some have become excellent business backbones; some have used their own blood and lives. Won the title of hero and hero. They are the elite of the public security team, the loyal guards of the People's Republic, and the glory and pride of the school.

In recent years, under the care of the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau, the school has made great efforts to improve the conditions for running a school, vigorously strengthened the basic construction of teaching, and built a new school central square, comprehensive building, student apartments and laboratories; further adjusted the professional settings and curriculum system, and reformed The teaching content and methods focus on cultivating students' practical and innovative abilities; they have made some useful attempts in improving students' comprehensive quality, enhancing the pertinence of training teaching, and highlighting the characteristics of public security, and achieved certain results. At present, the school is concentrating its efforts, creating conditions, and working hard to establish a first-class college.

   The school actively carries out foreign exchange activities. Police delegations from Germany, Mongolia and other countries and Taiwan have visited and lectured at the school. Through exchanges, teachers and students have grasped the frontier information of police education and scientific research in the modern world, which has played an important role in broadening the school's thinking and vision and improving the level of school-running.

   More than half a century of unremitting efforts and pursuits, Tianjin Public Security Police Vocational College has undergone tremendous changes and achieved great results. It embodies the hard work and sweat of several generations of public security educators, and it is also inseparable from the cordial care and strong support of all levels of party committees, governments, public security organs, and leaders at all levels.

In the new century, Tianjin Vocational College of Public Security Police Officers will continue to carry forward the excellent school spirit, take on the important task of public security education and scientific and technological strengthening of the police, continue to strive for self-improvement, and strive to cultivate high-quality talents that meet the needs of public security work, and contribute to the country’s political stability, Make greater contributions to social stability and people’s happiness.