China college

Chinese People's Liberation Army Army Military Transportation Academy

The Military Transportation Academy is affiliated to the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army. It is the highest institution for training high-level talents in the fields of military transportation, military vehicle equipment, and military material storage and transportation. It is a multidisciplinary teaching and research type integrating support command and engineering technology. Military academies mainly train undergraduates, masters, and doctoral students for the whole army, and also undertake the task of job education and training of foreign military students. In the long-term process of running the school, the college adheres to the school motto of "loyalty, erudition, self-improvement, and advancement", carries forward the glorious tradition of hard work, continuous self-improvement, truth-seeking and innovation, and has trained batches of high-quality military transportation qualified personnel for the military.

   The college has a strong faculty and has a team of experts with reasonable structure, academic excellence, determined innovation, and great influence both inside and outside the military. There are more than 210 professors and associate professors, more than 330 doctors and masters, and more than 90 doctor and master tutors. The school has excellent conditions, with a number of "Military Key Disciplines" and "2110 Project" key construction disciplines such as military equipment, rear professional services, military vehicle engineering, etc., and advanced basic laboratories such as EDA, computer simulation, and mathematical modeling ( Center) and high-level professional laboratories such as military transportation service, military automotive electronic technology, automotive off-road performance, internal combustion engine emission control and purification, vehicle TB vibration experiment, and national defense transportation research center. Advanced network facilities can provide sufficient information resources and convenient network teaching conditions. In 2001, it passed the evaluation of undergraduate teaching in military academies with excellent results; a group of high-level research results were obtained, more than 350 achievements have won the national and military science and technology progress awards and the military outstanding teaching achievement awards, and a number of achievements have reached international advanced levels Level; founded the "Journal of Military Transportation Academy", "Automotive Application" and "Military Automobile" magazines for the whole country and the whole army.

The college is located in the international port city of Tianjin, on the coast of the Bohai Sea and on the banks of the Haihe River. It covers an area of more than 1 million square meters. It has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. "Form unit" is an ideal place for studying and studying. Influential figures such as the famous Enlightenment thinker, translator, and educator Yan Fu, and Nankai University President Zhang Boling have worked and studied here for many years.