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Shanghai Sibo Vocational and Technical College

Shanghai Sibo Vocational and Technical College is located in Nanhui University Town, Pudong New District, Shanghai. It is a full-time higher vocational and technical college approved by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in 2003. The legal number of students in the school is 6,000. The school has superior conditions for running schools and rich teaching resources. The total investment is more than 300 million yuan, covering an area of 500 acres, and the total school building area is nearly 140,000 square meters. The student apartment has 5510 beds. The total value of various education and teaching equipment and facilities is more than 50 million yuan. The total value of teaching equipment and equipment per student, such as computers, language rooms, multimedia classrooms, library collections, and sports facilities, is 8426.2 yuan, far more than The standards of excellence set by the Ministry of Education. The school library has a collection of more than 400,000 books, and has built a CNKI digital library, a Chaoxing digital library, and a Wanfang database, and has achieved the requirements of full network coverage and informationized campus construction.

The school has 5 secondary colleges, namely the School of Health Technology and Nursing, the School of International Business and Management, the School of Engineering Technology, the School of Art and Design, the School of Construction Engineering and Management, and a basic department with nursing, international business, and construction engineering. 27 majors (including directions) including technology, covering nine major categories including medicine and health, finance, information, manufacturing, art design and media, and civil engineering. At present, the school has 24 on-campus training bases, 144 off-campus training bases, 208 cooperative enterprises, and 13 vocational skills appraisal stations (institutes). It has established a strategic alliance of in-depth integration of politics, industry and academia, and the school has 5 secondary The college has created 30 corporate naming and order classes. The school attaches great importance to the overall improvement of students' comprehensive quality. In addition to various professional courses, it has also opened a "humanities lecture hall" and a variety of elective courses to expand students' horizons, established a "moral training camp" to improve students' ideological accomplishment, and organized various theme activities. After-school life, and has 71 various societies such as academic, literary, and practical.

   The school has won the title of Shanghai Civilized Unit for three consecutive times. After being identified as the Shanghai Characteristic (Demonstration) Higher Vocational College Construction Unit in 2012, it was included in the National Educational Comprehensive Reform Shanghai Pilot College in 2014. Won the key project of Shanghai University Graduate Employment Innovation Base (Career Development Education). The second phase of the project (nursing major) of the "China-EU Joint Research and Adjustment and Optimization of Higher Education Teaching Process Project" (China-Europe Tuning Joint Research) was approved. Our school is the only private institution to undertake this project.