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Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

The Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts was born in 2005. Formerly known as the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts of Fudan University, in April 2013, the Ministry of Education approved the conversion to an independent general undergraduate college: Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. She is a product that conforms to the world trend of cultural and artistic development and the voice of the times. As the only comprehensive visual arts college in Shanghai, she will lead the art concept of the grand vision, build a platform for grand vision art creativity, and cultivate outstanding artistic talents in accordance with the school motto of “loyalty, excellence, innovation, and harmony”.

  As a new art school running with new ideas, new systems, new models, and new mechanisms, the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts is committed to exploring an open school model that is close to the industry and integrated into the society, and a talent training model for industry-university cooperation and resource sharing. The SIVA website is a window to show this exploration, and it is also a portal for all sectors of society to participate in and supervise the running of schools.

  Here, you can see everything that SIVA has happened, is happening, and will happen!