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Shanghai Conservatory of Music

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music (Shanghai Conservatory of Music) is the founder and incubator of modern professional music education in China. Cradle".

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music, formerly known as the National Conservatory of Music, was founded by Mr. Cai Yuanpei and Mr. Xiao Youmei in Shanghai on November 27, 1927. The first dean, Mr. Cai Yuanpei, is China’s first independent national higher school of music. The school-running philosophy of "Li Zhong, Transform the Use into the Body" laid the foundation for the professional organization and discipline system of China's professional music education. Since 1956, it has changed to its current name and is a key university directly under the Ministry of Culture. It is now a joint university jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai. In 2017, it was listed as one of the first batch of "double first-class" construction universities in the country, and was selected as a high-level local university construction school in Shanghai.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Bei Wen, Meng Bo, Zhong Wangyang, Yang Jin, Jiang Mingdun, Liu Deyu, Xu Aizhu, Zhang Zhijing, Dong Jinping, Sang Xiufan, Lin Zaiyong served as Party Secretary, He Luting, Sang Tong, Jiang Mingdun , Yang Liqing, Xu Shuya, and Lin Zaiyong served as deans of our hospital successively. The current party secretary Xu Xu and dean Liao Changyong. There are now Department of Composition and Conducting, Department of Musicology, Department of Orchestra, Department of Vocal Opera, Department of Piano, Department of Folk Music, Department of Music Education, Department of Music Engineering, Department of Art Management, Department of Modern Instrumental Music and Percussion, Department of Music and Drama, and Digital Media College, Marxist College, Public Basic Department, etc. There are 2841 full-time students, 517 faculty members, 317 full-time teachers, 75 international students, and 720 primary school students.

In the ninety-four years of running the school, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music has adhered to the mission of “cultivating professional talents in music, importing world music on the one hand, and organizing Chinese music on the other, with the expectation that it tends to be in harmony, while cultivating the spirit and art of national beauty and harmony.” The school motto of "He Yi Zhuang Cheng" always shares weal and woe with the destiny of the country and the nation, always stands at the forefront of the development of music art, established and continuously improved the education system and school model of China's professional music art, and is responsible for leading the development direction of China's professional music. The responsibility has accumulated a broad and profound historical background, formed a distinctive cultural tradition, famous teachers have come out in large numbers, masterpieces are numerous, cultivated generations of outstanding Chinese music leaders, and made important contributions to China's music education and cultural construction.

Our school has a complete discipline system. It is the first professional music school in the country with three first-level doctoral programs of "Music and Dance", "Art Theory" and "Drama and Film Studies". It has formed music creation, music performance, music theory, Music application "four-wheel drive" music discipline comprehensive system. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017, our school’s "Music and Dance Studies" received an A+ rating and ranked first in the country; "Art Theory" received a B+ rating, ranking the top 20% of the country; "Drama and Film Studies" Received a B rating, ranking in the top 30% of the country. In the first national professional degree level evaluation in 2018, our school was awarded A+ in the art (music) category. The school level covers undergraduate education and postgraduate education (master and doctorate). There are two post-doctoral research mobile stations, and the affiliated middle school and the affiliated elementary school have established a "large, medium and small" consistent art talent training system with Chinese characteristics.

Our school adheres to the quality education strategy, adheres to the teaching tradition of "emphasis on the basics, strict teaching, and good practice". Xiao Youmei, Huang Zi, He Luting, Tan Shuzhen, Wei Zhongle, Ding Shande, Qian Renkang, Ma Geshun, Zhou Xiaoyan, Hu Dengtiao have emerged , Gao Zhilan, Sang Tong, Caidan Zhuoma, Yu Lina, Liao Changyong and other generations of outstanding Chinese composers, music theorists, performance artists and famous teaching teachers, have produced a number of far-reaching classic works and universal With professional teaching materials, many graduates have become leaders and backbone talents of major orchestras and music institutions in the world. Since the reform and opening up, the Shanghai Music students represented by Liao Changyong, Xu Shuya, Li Jian, Song Siheng, Huang Mengla, Yang Guang, Shen Yang, Sun Yingdi, Wang Zhijiong, Wang Jue, Yu Guanqun, Chen Musheng, Shen Ziyu, etc. International Vocal Competition, Domingo Vocal Competition, Besançon International Composition Competition, Margaret Long International Piano Competition, BBC Cardiff International Vocal Competition, Paganini International Violin Competition, Liszt International Piano Competition, May Newington International Violin Competition, Tchaikovsky International Youth Cello Competition, Totis International Viola Competition and other world top competitions such as composition, vocal music, piano, string music, etc. have repeatedly won awards and won glory for the country. At the same time, the teachers and students of Shangyin have repeatedly won the China Music Golden Bell Award, Wenhua Award, CCTV Television Competition, "Five One Project" and other domestic highest-level music awards. In 2018, our school won 2 second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award, and 547 people won 633 domestic and foreign awards, including 187 first prizes, and won many world top music competitions.

Our school adheres to the people-centered creation orientation. Teachers and students have created a large number of music masterpieces that represent China and influence the world: piano music "Shepherd Boy Piccolo", violin concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", "Long March Symphony", Zhonghu and Symphony Orchestra "Desert Twilight", art song "To the World Expo"... In recent years, symphonies "Silk Road Dream", "Ode to Yan Huang", opera "He Luting", musical "Sea Music", "Dream Lin Tang Xianzu" Such original works were funded by the National Art Fund. A number of major research topics have been approved by the National Social Science Fund Major Projects, National Social Science Fund Art Major Projects, National Cultural Innovation Projects, and dozens of provincial and ministerial projects and awards. On average, more than 400 art practices and concerts are held every year, the "Shanghai Spring" International Music Festival is held, and various concerts are held on world-class platforms in more than 20 countries to sing the "Voice of China".

Our school has a group of creative centers, art centers, research centers, and performance groups that integrate teaching, performance, and art science creation. It has a national core academic journal "Music Art", and a Chinese music subject highland "He Luting China" Music Advanced Research Institute", a music library with a rich collection of historical documents and archives, a music research institute with a flexible system, a Shanghai Conservatory of Music Publishing that continuously promotes high-level academic achievements, and a national education base for national unity and progress "Oriental Musical Instruments" "Museum", a cultural achievement incubation and social service platform "Shanghai Music and Art Development Collaborative Innovation Center", a professional opera house with world-class acoustic conditions "Shangyin Opera House".

Our school is currently a member of the European Conservatory Alliance and the Pacific Rim Conservatory of Music Alliance. It has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 33 world-class or first-class music academies in more than 20 countries and regions, including the Juilliard School and Curtis Music College, Berkeley School of Music, Yale University School of Music, Royal Conservatory of Music, Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria, Hamburg University of Music and Drama, Germany, National Higher School of Music and Dance in Paris, France, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music In addition, it has carried out in-depth inter-university cooperation with 11 colleges and universities, and established the Shanghai Music-Emperor Joint College, the Shanghai Music-Berkeley Contemporary Music Academy, the Shanghai Music-Hamburg Advanced Performing Talent Training Mechanism, and the Shanghai Music International Chamber Music Center. Successfully held international music events such as the 42nd World Congress of the International Society of Traditional Music (ICTM) and the 43rd World Computer Music Conference (ICMC).

Successively hired famous composers Sheng Zongliang, Tristan Mihai, Tan Dun, Chen Qigang, Chen Xiaoyong, conductors Simon Rattle, Seiji Ozawa, violinists Pincus Zuckerman, and Yitzhak Pal Man, Watin Repin, Mi Duoli, Ning Feng, pianists Leon Fleischer, Fu Cong, cellist Ma Youyou, Misha Maisky, Qin Liwei, vocal singer Renee Fleming, etc. He is an honorary professor and visiting professor of our college.

On November 27, 2017, our school united 15 world's top music and art schools in 13 countries and regions including the United States and the United Kingdom, and 10 music schools in China jointly released the "Music and Dance Science" International Subject Evaluation Index. Sign the "Excellence in Music Education·Shanghai Consensus" and provide the first "Chinese Program" for the global music discipline evaluation standards.

At present, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music is guided by Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Adhere to the new era of school positioning of "the leader of China's higher music education, the supporter of the cultural power strategy, the contributor of Shanghai's cultural brand, the engine of the Yangtze River Delta Music Alliance, and the benchmark for international cultural and artistic exchanges", and strive to cultivate virtue and art. , Hong Kong, international vision, and comprehensive development of advanced music talents, for the early and comprehensive establishment of the world's top professional music school with distinctive Chinese characteristics and important international influence!