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Horqin Art Vocational College

Horqin Art Vocational College was approved by the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2004 and established on the basis of the original Tongliao Art School. It has a 39-year history of running a school. The college mainly organizes higher vocational education at the junior level, taking into account the functions of secondary vocational education.

The college covers an area of 584 acres and has a construction area of 69,000 square meters. It has a teaching complex, a dance building, a music building, a library, a Liaohe theater, a student apartment, a logistics service building, etc., with a total fixed asset value of 260 million yuan, of which teaching The total value of scientific research equipment is more than 20 million yuan, 89,000 books, 400 teaching computers, 16 multimedia classrooms, 1 language room, and the total bandwidth of campus network access is 100M. There are music department, folk music performance department, dance department, fine arts department, media department, public basic teaching department, foreign cooperation and exchange center, art creation and training center, ethnic musical instrument research and development and production center and an affiliated secondary school. There are 256 faculty members, including 190 full-time teachers, 8 professors, 41 associate professors, 78 dual-qualified teachers, 26 postgraduate and in-service postgraduate teachers, and 1,215 students. Relying on the regional culture of Horqin, the college has continuously increased the construction of brand majors and quality courses in recent years to promote the development of connotation. It has built music performances, dance performances, Horqin Mongolian long and short tunes, Mongolian dance, Guzheng Xinzheng, sight singing and ear training, and piano , Mongolia Sihu and other autonomous region-level brand majors and quality courses, cultivated 2 autonomous region-level excellent teaching teams, 2 famous teachers, and 2 rookies in the teaching circle.

   The new team was formed in April 2013, and in June of the same year, the college party committee held the first party membership meeting. The meeting determined the guiding ideology, orientation, and philosophy of future work, and clarified the school-running strategy of “establishing a school by quality, reforming and rejuvenating a school, a culturally active school, and a strong school with characteristics”, based on the cultivation of grassroots vocational and artistic skill-based talents, and promoting “teaching” The four-wheel drive of "creation, creation, performance, and scientific research" highlights national and regional characteristics, standardizes teaching activities, strengthens artistic practice, and enhances the level of creation and editing. Clarify the functions of "talent training, inheritance and development, and serve the society", and focus on implementing four major projects, namely the cadre quality improvement project, the young teacher growth project, the campus dream project, and the cultural service project; promote three action plans, namely the famous teacher training action plan , Famous Talents Action Plan, Prestigious School Construction Action Plan; to build four bases, namely to build the college into a training base for culture and art professionals in eastern Inner Mongolia, a training base for culture and art in eastern Inner Mongolia, a base for inheritance and development of Korqin culture and art, and Korqin national culture Art product research and development base. It is clear that the focus of the college's work is shifted from the basic construction of the new campus to the connotation construction centered on improving the quality of education and teaching.

The college launched the teaching quality improvement project, teacher business assessment and "famous teacher training" and "famous talents" action plan, determined to increase the teaching investment to 20% of the annual tuition income; hired Qi Baoligao, Ulan Tuoga , Li Shurong, Wang Tianyi, Agulate, Uzhchev, Quge, Bayanbaolige, Yang Yucheng, Xu Wenhai, Yang Min, Bao Hongwei and other 12 well-known experts served as guest professors of the college and established the work of masters of art On the basis of traditional professional construction, the two majors of high-speed rail attendant and customer information service (call center) have been introduced, and the agreement with Inner Mongolia Normal University has been implemented. %. At the same time, it actively seeks in-depth cooperation with Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities and introduces advanced educational concepts and experience; in terms of school-site cooperation, the college organizes teachers and students to go to Qianguo City, Naiman Banner, Guribanhuasumu, and Dongming Town, Jilin Province. , Zhaqi Bayaltu Hushuo Town, Xing’an League Tuquan County and other places participated in Huimin performances, serving local cultural development and construction, promoting the college, promoting enrollment work, and promoting school-enterprise, school-school, and school-local cooperation. Established the production and R&D center of national musical instruments such as Matouqin, Yangqin, Mongolian Sihu, Mongolian Zheng The Craft Production Center has established the "Art Master Yurt Group" named after ethnic art masters such as Seraxi, Pajie, Mao Yihan, Wu Yunlong, etc., implemented folk artists into the campus, and inherited the ethnic cultural experience teaching with Horqin culture as the content .

In order to test the quality of teaching and promote Horqin culture, since 2014, the college has hosted the district's higher vocational college art skills competition, organized professional teachers and students to participate in more than 40 art exchanges and competitions at home and abroad, and achieved good results. Among them, the Department of National Music The song "The Home of the Heart" won the second prize of National Campus Good Songs; the Erhu Solo of the Department of Music and the song "River River" won the second and third prizes of the district's art performance. At the 4th College Student Art Exhibition in the district, the drama "Let's Go Home" from the Department of Media won the first prize; the four-hu ensemble "Song Shao" and the Matouqin ensemble "Black Wood Day" won the second prize; the chorus "Four Seasons, "Yang Linghua", dance "Top Bowl Dance", "Green Sun" and "Saibeinu" won the third prize.

In the next step, the college will seize the opportunity, firmly grasp the direction of service development and employment promotion, take the full play of the market mechanism as an important reform orientation, continuously improve the modern vocational school system, maintain the vitality of running schools, and improve the quality of talent training; promote students Practice the core socialist values, continuously improve their professionalism, vocational skills, and employment and entrepreneurship abilities, and successfully run vocational education that is satisfied by the people, assured by parents, and recognized by the society.