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Hulunbuir Vocational and Technical College

Hulunbuir Vocational and Technical College is approved by the People’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive college involving energy and chemical engineering, electromechanical, medical and health, finance, tourism, art, and electronic information. It is also a public higher education institution in Hulunbuir. Vocational colleges.

   College is located in the New District of Hulunbuir Central City (Hailaer) in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is known as "China's Best National Charm City" and "Prairie Pearl".

   The college covers an area of 604,200 square meters, a building area of 220,500 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 1 billion yuan. It has modern education and teaching facilities such as gymnasiums, stadiums and libraries. As of the beginning of 2018, the college currently has more than 6,100 full-time students and 770 faculty members, including 494 full-time teachers and 237 teachers with senior titles. The college currently has 11 courses including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Nursing, Department of Mongolian Medicine and Mongolian Medicine, Department of Business and Tourism, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Art, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Economics and Management, Department of Basic Teaching, and Department of Continuing Education Department. A total of applied chemical technology, mechatronics technology, nursing, dental medicine technology, Mongolian medicine and Mongolian medicine, pharmaceutical production technology, accounting, financial management, tourism management, computer application technology, music performance, dance performance, preschool education, engineering cost There are 34 higher vocational college majors; 18 "3+2" five-year college majors and 24 technical secondary school majors.

The college has a safety production training base in the Autonomous Region, a training base for Mongolian medicine talents in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a workstation of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an electrician examination station in Hulunbuir, an energy and chemical training base, a training base for automobile use and maintenance, a training base for special types of work, and occupations Skills appraisal institutes, laid-off reemployment training bases, entrepreneurship training bases and many other teaching and scientific research bases. The college has established cooperation mechanisms for practical internships, scientific research training, and student employment with enterprises and institutions such as Hulunbuir Energy, Chemical Industry, Metallurgy, Electric Power, Biopharmaceuticals, and Hospitals. The college has become a talent training base for Hulunbuir Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lingdong Industrial Development Zone, Manzhouli Industrial Park, Sino-Russian Mutual Trade Zone and other industrial parks.

The college adheres to the focus on vocational and technical ability training, integrates teaching content according to the requirements of vocational positions, and adopts the "dual certificate" training model that integrates vocational quality training, professional ability training and job comprehensive ability improvement to continuously improve the quality of talent training. More than 80% of students who participate in the professional qualification certificate examination can obtain double certificates or multiple certificates.

   School-enterprise cooperation in running schools and order training are the advantages and characteristics of the college's development. The college cooperates with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Engineering Company, Hulunbeier Chihong Mining Co., Ltd., Hulunbeier Dongneng Chemical Co., Ltd., Yuntianhua Holding Jinxin Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Huade Forage Machinery Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Forestry General Hospital, Hulunbeier City Hospital, Northeast Fu More than 20 companies including Feng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Tourism Group Jianguo Hotel Management Company, Hulunbeier Hotel, and Hulunbeier Hongyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have signed an order training agreement, laying the foundation for the employment of graduates.

The college adheres to the service-oriented, employment-oriented, and "localized" talent training strategy. Based on Hulunbeier and serving Hulunbeier, the college focuses on building specialty and brand majors, and cultivating and delivering high-quality skills for the economy and society of Hulunbeier. Application talent. The teachers and students of the whole school adhere to the school motto of "seeking truth, seeking truth, seeking innovation and seeking diligence", unite as one, work hard, and jointly draw up a beautiful blueprint for future development.