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Baotou Railway Vocational and Technical College

Baotou Railway Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time higher vocational and technical college approved by the People's Government of the Autonomous Region and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college focuses on higher vocational education, and also has the function of secondary vocational education.

The college currently has more than 7,000 students of various types and 420 faculty members. More than 75% of the teachers have intermediate and senior professional titles. Double-qualified teachers account for 56% of the total number of professional teachers. There are currently more than 30 teachers who have obtained and are currently Further study for master's and doctorate degrees. The college has a building area of 110,000 square meters, has 43 various laboratories, 12 indoor and outdoor practice sites, and more than 6,700 teaching instruments (pieces). There are audio-visual, voice, modern, multimedia classrooms and various professional classrooms. A two-way controllable closed-circuit television system is installed on the campus, and the computer campus network is connected to the Internet through a 10M optical cable. The library covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters, has a collection of 220,000 books, and subscribes to 482 kinds of newspapers and magazines.

   The college has developed ideas for running a school, increased investment, improved conditions for running a school, broadened employment channels, attracted internal and external connections, and established the school's mission of facing the society and serving the market, focusing on cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical ability. In line with the principle of letting students become both talents and adults, the college optimizes the talent training model, pays close attention to the quality of education and teaching, enhances students' practical ability, pays attention to strengthening moral education and behavior standard education for students, and cultivates comprehensive quality and comprehensiveness for enterprises and society Applied professionals with professional ability.

The college’s strong faculty, advanced teaching equipment, strict daily management, complete cultural and sports facilities, high-quality logistics services, and spacious and clean student apartments and canteens provide teachers and students with a beautiful, comfortable and ideal study, life and Working environment.

   School running situation:

  ——The characteristics of the college

The college always adheres to the school-running philosophy of "market demand-oriented, quality improvement as the core, and student service as the purpose". According to the needs of the society, it actively carries out "order-based" training, pays close attention to the quality of education and teaching, and constantly develops and innovates, and focuses on training The practical skills and employment competitiveness of students create a solid foundation for the majority of graduates in employment, career selection, entrepreneurship and further study.

  ——The management method of the college

The college implements closed and semi-militarized management, starting from standardizing students’ daily behaviors, cultivating students’ strict organizational discipline concepts, establishing collectivist ideas, developing good moral qualities and civilized behaviors, and contributing to the healthy growth of students. The work, study and life of the students in the school have created a good atmosphere.

  ——The service environment of the college

The college implements logistical social management, the student dormitories are spacious and clean, equipped with telephones; the canteen has complete facilities, high-quality meals and low prices, which can meet the daily consumption of multi-level students; complete cultural and sports facilities, with a 400-meter standard plastic track and field stadium; performance The excellent 100M campus network is connected to the Internet through a 10M optical cable; the college pays attention to the management and education of students' spare time, and various club activities are rich and colorful to cultivate students' hobbies and improve their overall quality.

  ——The college's student policy

  In accordance with national requirements, the college implements student loans, scholarships and bursary systems for students, and provides financial aid to students from poor families. At the same time, by actively carrying out part-time work and part-study work, the combination of vocational education and productive labor is realized, so as to promote students' success and employment, and help students from poor families to achieve low-cost vocational education. The college runs schools jointly with Southwest Jiaotong University, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, Lanzhou Jiaotong University and other institutions. Competent students can take undergraduate courses in addition to the professional courses and obtain undergraduate diplomas; there is a professional skills appraisal station for students of various majors. After passing the exam, you can obtain a nationally recognized vocational qualification certificate, which creates conditions for enhancing students' employment competitiveness and continuing their studies.

  ——The employment prospects of students

  The college actively expands the employment space of graduates and conducts "order-based" training. The employment scope of graduates covers civil engineering, transportation, processing and manufacturing, information technology, environmental protection and chemical industry, tourism and social public affairs. Over the years, the college has cooperated with various talent exchange centers, employment agencies, and some key enterprises in the coastal areas of Shandong, the Pearl River, and the Yangtze River Delta, as well as the Hohhot Railway Bureau, Lanzhou Railway Bureau, China Railway Construction (Group) companies, and Shenhua Group. , Shaanxi Xiyan Railway Company, Ningxia Ningdong Railway Co., Ltd., Dongwu Railway, Yitai Group Zhundong Railway Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Electric Power No. 1 and No. 3 Construction Engineering Company, Inner Mongolia Yili, Mengniu Dairy Company and China Weapon No. 1 in Inner Mongolia Machinery Manufacturing Group Corporation, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. and coal chemical companies have established a long-term cooperative relationship, providing a large number of jobs for graduates. The majority of graduates are well received and approved by employers, and their employment prospects are very broad.