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Hebei Youth Management Cadre College

Hebei Youth Management Cadre College is a provincial public full-time college and university affiliated to the Hebei Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League. The predecessor of the college was the Hebei Provincial League School established in 1950. The Hebei Youth Management Cadre College was established in 1987. Since 1999, it has recruited full-time general higher vocational college students. It is a province with “higher vocational education as the main body and job (vocational) training and league cadre training as the two wings”. Well-known institutions of higher learning.

At present, the college has a total of 4 teaching colleges, including the Department of Finance, Information, Education and Media, and Management, and 27 majors for the entire province to recruit students. The college attaches great importance to the employment of graduates, and maintains close cooperation with multiple employers and talent agencies. There are multiple student practice bases for each major, which effectively guarantees the "combination of work and study" and "2+1" teaching mode The implementation of this policy has effectively strengthened the employment competitiveness of graduates. For several consecutive years, the signing rate of our graduates has been above 93%.

The college has national scholarships, national inspirational scholarships and national bursaries in accordance with national regulations. In addition, the college has its own scholarships to help students with excellent academic performance and family difficulties complete their studies.

Surrounding environment: The college is located in the Southeast Higher Education District of Yuhua District within the Second Ring Road of Shijiazhuang City. Adjacent to service outlets such as parks, hospitals, large supermarkets, banks, and post offices. The transportation is convenient. There are 12, 16, 27, 43, 116 buses to the hospital. The on-campus student apartments, restaurants, baths and other living facilities are complete. It is a "garden-style unit" named by Hebei Province and a "garden-style courtyard" named by Shijiazhuang City. It is an ideal place for you to study and further study.