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Hebei Rail Transportation Vocational and Technical College

The predecessor of the college was the "Ministry of Railways Staff School". It was established in July 1949. It has been transferred from "Shijiazhuang Intermediate Technical School of the Ministry of Railways", "Shijiazhuang Railway College", "Beijing Railway Bureau Shijiazhuang Railway Transportation School", and "Shijiazhuang Railway Transportation School". Evolution. With the development of the vocational education situation, the former Shijiazhuang Railway Driver School and the former Hebei Provincial Labor and Social Security Department Technical School were merged into the Shijiazhuang Railway Transportation School in 2000 and 2007 respectively. In February 2012, the college was born on the basis of Shijiazhuang Railway Transportation School's strong school-running strength and the resources of Zhongbo Technology Development Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shijiazhuang Tractor Factory).

   The college covers a total area of 514 acres, with a building area of 220,000 square meters, and complete school supporting facilities. There are nearly 600 faculty members, including the Department of Rail Transportation, Railway Locomotive Department, Railway Vehicle Department, Urban Rail Transit Department, Passenger Transport Service Department, Electromechanical Department, Management Engineering Department, Basic Teaching Department, Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching and Research Department, 10 teaching institutions including Adult Education College. A total of 26 majors including the backbone of rail transportation have been established. Among them, the major of rail transit operation management is the major demonstrative major of transportation in national vocational colleges, and the major of railway locomotive is listed as the backbone construction major of the "Three-Year Innovative Action Plan" of the Higher Vocational Education of Hebei Provincial Department of Education.

The college has distinctive features of vocational education. It has established a national vocational skill appraisal institute and a railway-specific job appraisal station. It is a “national high-skilled personnel training demonstration base” approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and a “transportation professional and technical personnel” by the China Railway Corporation. Locomotive Driver Training Base", Beijing Jiaotong University Distance Education Teaching Center; Hebei Provincial Department of Information Industry, "Hebei Province Electronic Information Industry Special Occupation Skill Training Base"; also "Beijing Railway Administration Passenger Transport Training Base".

The college successfully hosted the 1st and 4th National Railway Industry Vocational Skills Grand Prix Station Attendant Competition, the launching ceremony of the North China Competition of "China's Big Expert", and China Railway Corporation's 2017 Dispatch Vocational Skills Competition and many other large-scale activities. The brand effect of the college plays an active role in formulating competition rules, judging standards, venue equipment provision, and competition guidance and consultation. The students of the college have successively won many well-known competitions such as the National Railway Vocational College Vocational Skills Competition, the "Chinese Big Expert" National Competition, the National University Student Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, and the Hebei Province University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition.

  The college internship training center covers an area of 40,900 square meters. It integrates teaching drills, vocational skills training, and vocational qualification appraisal on campus. It has distinctive characteristics of the railway industry. More than 40 off-campus training bases have been built with Beijing Railway Bureau, Shijiazhuang Rail Company and many other units. The college undertook to build the country’s first public training demonstration base of Hebei Province, which was established and invested by the National Development and Reform Commission, and is the only provincial public training demonstration base with rail transit as the main feature. It covers an area of 110 acres and is planned for rail transit. Training centers in six industry fields, including Maker Space, Online Training Center, Entrepreneurship and Employment Market, Vocational Skills Appraisal Center, Railway 12306 Customer Service Center, are equipped with five functional areas, including training centers for teaching drills, vocational skills training, The leader of Hebei's public training of high-skilled talents with multiple functions such as professional qualification appraisal and skill competition.

In recent years, graduate contracting units have covered 14 national railway bureaus, 12 rail companies, more than 10 railway engineering bureaus, and CRRC and other large state-owned enterprises. The enrollment scope has expanded to 23 provinces (cities, autonomous regions) across the country, and schools are run. The scale is close to 9,000 people. In recent years, the employment rate of senior and secondary vocational students in the college has been above 96%, maintaining a good momentum of prosperous entrance and smooth export of the school.