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Hebei Vocational College of Foreign Economics and Trade

[Basic Information] Hebei Vocational College of Foreign Trade and Economics is located at the junction of the world-famous Beidaihe and Nandaihe summer resorts, bordering Daihe in the north and the Bohai Sea in the south. The college covers an area of 528 acres with a building area of 200,000 square meters. There are more than 500 faculty members, more than 9,000 students, more than 580,000 books in the library, more than 370 million yuan in fixed assets, and more than 52 million teaching equipment. Yuan. In the past few years, the college has won more than 30 honors such as the National Women's Civilization Post, the National Standardization Model School of Language and Writing, the National Education Reform and Innovation Model College, and the Civilized Unit of Hebei Province. In November 2017, it was identified as a "provincial high-quality school" construction unit by Hebei Province.

[School Ideas] The college established the development orientation of an application-oriented foreign economic and trade higher vocational college based on "foreign language, focusing on economy and trade, and coordinated development of education, tourism, and media". Hebei aims to serve regional economic and social development, and cultivate high-skilled talents with high professional quality, strong application ability, professional quality, international vision and innovative spirit.

[Discipline] The college recruits three-year junior college students from the starting point of high school across the country. It offers 8 languages including English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Spanish. Eight departments, including the Department of Eastern Languages, Tourism, Preschool Education, Elementary Education, and Media, set up majors around the five major groups of economics and trade, foreign languages, tourism, education, and media. Among them, business English and English education are the national backbone majors, preschool education and applied Korean are the central financial support construction majors, business English is the provincial demonstration major, and international trade and radio, film and television program production are the provincial backbone construction majors.

[Teachers] The college has a strong faculty. Among them, 40% are teachers with associate senior titles and above, and more than half are doctors and masters. Nearly one-third of the teachers have overseas education and at least three months of overseas study and work experience, double teachers Type teachers account for 80%. At present, there are 1 deputy chairman of the Foreign Language Teaching Guidance Committee of Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education, 2 members of the National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Committee, 1 deputy director of the Digital Curriculum Resource Research Branch of the Chinese Higher Education Association, and 1 provincial outstanding expert , 1 provincial teaching teacher, 1 second-level candidate and 4 third-level candidates of the provincial "Three Three Three" talent project, 1 provincial "100 Excellent Innovative Talent Support Program" talent, and vice president of the Provincial University Foreign Language Teaching Research Association 1 Names, 2 members of the Guiding Committee of the Provincial Higher Education Industry Teaching Committee, 1 Vice President of the Provincial Educational Culture International Exchange and Cooperation Association, and 3 city top talents. The college has also hired more than 90 industry experts, professional technical personnel and highly skilled personnel as part-time teachers, and has hired 15 foreign experts to teach in the school for a long time.

  【Admissions and Employment】The college recruits students from more than 20 provinces across the country. The admission score has been among the top universities in the province for many years, and the registration rate has stabilized at more than 95%. In 2016, it was designated by the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Education Examination Institute as the leading college for the province's higher vocational single-recruitment financial and commercial joint examination. With the help of perfect order education, advanced employment guidance methods and in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, the employment rate has remained above 98%. In 2010, it was awarded the first batch of Hebei Province Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School, in 2014 it was awarded the first batch of Hebei Province University Student Entrepreneurship Incubator Demonstration Park, and in 2017 it was awarded the Hebei Province Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Demonstration School.

[Teaching and research] The college currently has 2 national quality courses (all selected as national quality resource sharing courses) and 1 national teaching case library (the actual teaching case library produced by English education major enterprises), and 5 provincial and ministerial quality courses. There are 1 provincial-level demonstration course, 24 college-level quality course resource sharing courses, 45 talent training programs jointly developed by schools and enterprises, 126 courses developed, and 510 course standards formulated. The college introduced 3 international professional standards including Kempinski Hotel, Hotel Financial Management and International Freight Forwarding Practice in Germany; introduced 12 professional teaching materials and 3 online courses in Spain, the United States, and Germany; introduced Amazon's cross-border e-commerce platform (in Russian) Version, Japanese version) digital education resources. The teachers of the college won 1 National Vocational Education Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, 1 Provincial Excellent Teaching Achievement Award, 8 Municipal Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, and 1 Municipal Youth Science and Technology Award. In the past three years, the teachers and students of the college have won 14 national group awards and 180 national individual awards; 18 provincial group awards and 176 provincial individual awards. In 2017, the college won the special prize of the Hebei Province Sand Table Simulation Management Competition for four consecutive years; in the vocational college informatization teaching competition, the college won two provincial first prizes and two national second prizes.

This year, faculty and staff have published 349 books and textbooks, obtained more than 20 invention patents, and published 12,678 scientific research papers in journals above the provincial level, of which 490 were retrieved from three major journals, 936 were Chinese core journals, and 3 national-level projects were approved. There are 109 provincial-level projects and 241 municipal-level projects. There are 9 national planning textbooks, of which 1 monograph was listed as an important academic work of the province's social sciences and received publication funding. At the same time, it won the first prize of the City's 7th Social Science Achievement Award.

  【Integration of Industry and Education】The college focuses on the integration of industry and education, deepens school-enterprise cooperation, and promotes modern apprenticeship through multiple measures. The college currently has 52 on-campus training bases covering 9,100 square meters, and 20 student innovation and entrepreneurship bases. Among them, the training conditions of the economic and trade virtual simulation training center have reached the domestic first-class virtual simulation training for the tourism professional group jointly established with the municipal government The center is the city's public training base for vocational skills.

The college actively promotes the connection between the education chain and the industrial chain. Relying on the college, it established the Qinhuangdao Preschool Education Vocational Education Group, promoted the establishment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Preschool Education Industry-Education Alliance, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cross-border E-commerce Industry Education Alliance, and promoted the Xindao School of Economics and Management, Kai The construction of the Pensky Hotel Management School and the Neusoft Education Institute has established 5 order classes with 15 companies, and carried out school-enterprise cooperation with hundreds of domestic companies in surrounding areas such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Hainan, Sanya, Fujian and Xiamen. There are 131 off-campus training bases in Shanghai and other places.

  【International Exchange】The college has established Confucius Institutes in the United States and Bolivia, with a total of more than 10,000 students. The college cooperates with more than 50 universities in the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, and Egypt. Every year, there are more than 400 long-term and short-term international students from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The college is an advanced unit of foreign affairs work in Qinhuangdao, a base for Chinese language promotion in Hebei Province, an international scientific and technological cooperation base in Hebei Province, a vice-chairman unit of Hebei International Exchange and Cooperation Association, an advanced unit of foreign intelligence introduced by Hebei Province, and it has joined the "Belt and Road Vocational Education Alliance" ".

  【Social Service】The college has always taken serving the regional economic development as its own responsibility, and extensively carried out social training, technical services and voluntary service activities. In the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2014 Beijing APEC Conference, the 2017 Hebei Provincial Tourism Development Conference, and the Qinhuangdao International Marathon over the years, the college sent volunteers to participate in voluntary services, with a total of more than 3,000 people. In recent years, the college has undertaken pre-job training for college counselors in Hebei Province, calligraphy teacher training for primary and secondary schools in Hebei Province, mental health teacher training for primary and secondary schools in Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao power system training, etc., and special training for cross-border e-commerce. More than 10,000 trainees.