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Kexin College, Hebei University of Engineering

The Kexin College of Hebei University of Engineering is a full-time undergraduate-level independent college established under the approval of the Hebei Provincial People's Government in July 2001, based on the provincial backbone university-Hebei Engineering University. Confirmed by the Ministry of Education in December 2003. In 2005, the college passed the Ministry of Education's "Special Inspection of Independent Colleges' Running Conditions and Teaching Status" with excellent results, and obtained the right to confer bachelor's degree in 2012. The college is located in Handan City, Hebei Province, a famous historical and cultural city and the capital of Chinese idioms. The campus is adjacent to the main campus of Hebei University of Engineering.

Relying on the brand professional resources of Hebei University of Engineering, the college has 27 undergraduates including architecture, civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation in a scientific and reasonable setting according to the needs of national and regional economic and social development. Professional. The college faces nationwide enrollment and employment, and currently has more than 10,000 full-time undergraduate students.

  The college has a team of teachers with profound academic attainments, rich teaching experience, and a reasonable structure of professional titles and academic qualifications. The college currently has 616 full-time teachers, including 312 teachers with senior professional titles, 70 with doctoral degrees, and 546 with master's degrees.

The college adheres to the excellent school motto of Hebei University of Engineering of "Dedication, good learning and benevolence", and implements the educational philosophy of "people-oriented", with the goal of cultivating technical application talents with high cultural and artistic qualities. "3+1", "2+2", science experimental class, English experimental class, civil service examination pilot class and other talent training model reforms, actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation and industry qualification certification, build 80 internship training bases, and implement The "multi-level and diversified" classification of talent training gradually explores a road to running a school that is suitable for the characteristics of students with sustainable development capabilities; the school has a good school spirit and a strong learning atmosphere. The college has improved students’ innovation ability and overall quality through different levels of student technological innovation and assistant teaching and learning activities; actively carried out a variety of campus cultural activities, established 25 student characteristic clubs such as the "Xiansheng Chorus", and worked hard to create Good campus culture atmosphere.

In recent years, more than 900 students have been admitted to the college for postgraduates and national civil servants. More than 800 students have won awards in scientific and technological innovation, cultural and sports activities organized by the country, provinces, and cities, including more than 70 national awards and 300 provincial awards. More items.