China college

China Women's College

In the course of running a school for more than half a century, the school has adhered to the socialist direction of running a school, implemented the party and the country's education policy, followed the law of higher education development, implemented the basic national policy of equality between men and women, and always kept pace with the country’s economic and social development, and kept pace with the development of higher education. , In the same direction as the development of the world’s women’s advancement, perseverance, self-improvement, continuous climbing, continuous innovation, after many leaps and bounds, the establishment of the "National Women's Education and Research Center", "National Women's Theory Research Center", "National Women Cadres" The development goals of "Training Center", "International Women’s Education Exchange Center" and "First-class Women’s University" have developed into an important base for training female talents, a think tank serving national strategies and women’s development, and a window to showcase the development achievements of Chinese women’s higher education. It has a good reputation and wide influence both at home and abroad.

  The school is committed to cultivating applied female talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty, "Four Self" spirit, public welfare awareness, international vision and intellectual elegance. There is 1 master's degree program in social work, 21 undergraduate admissions majors covering 7 disciplines of law, education, management, economics, literature, art, and engineering, as well as 4 higher vocational majors. There are 6282 full-time students, including 4643 undergraduates, 98 postgraduates, 1494 vocational students, and 47 international students. Student growth satisfaction is relatively high, and graduates have won praise from employers for their strong sense of responsibility and high loyalty. There are 506 faculty members, including 249 full-time teachers, and a group of national, provincial and ministerial teaching teams and famous teachers. School teachers are deeply involved in the research and formulation of national laws and policies related to women and children, and women/gender studies have formed advantages and characteristics. Adhere to open school running, actively carry out all-round and multi-level international exchanges and cooperation, and establish cooperative relations with 26 overseas universities and institutions in more than a dozen countries and regions.

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the school will adhere to the school management strategy of "building a school with quality, building a school with characteristics, strengthening a school with talents, and an environmentally beautiful school". Deepen comprehensive reforms, solve development problems, strengthen school-running characteristics, and take a more solid step in the journey of building a first-class women's university