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Beijing Vocational College of Social Management

In order to actively adapt to the needs of economic and social construction and the rapid development of civil affairs, in 2007, under the scientific decision of the party group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Beijing Vocational College of Social Management was established on the basis of the Management Cadre Institute of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Training Center and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Vocational Skills Appraisal The Guidance Center and the Social Work Research Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs are located in the college at the same time, mainly responsible for higher vocational education in social management and social services, education and training for cadres and employees of the national civil affairs system, civil affairs vocational skills appraisal, civil affairs policy theories, and social work research functions. Since its establishment, the college has followed the ideas of “establishing schools by quality, prospering schools with talents, running schools with characteristics, and coordinated development”, relying on the civil affairs industry, with the mission of serving the society, adapting to the market, and opening schools. Various tasks have achieved rapid development. The overall school-running level and social influence have been significantly improved, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the development of civil affairs and social construction. Known as the "cradle of civil affairs cadres", it has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as a national-level professional and technical personnel continuing education base, and has won more than 20 honors such as "National Skilled Talents Outstanding Contribution Unit" and "Central Organization Civilized Unit".

   Outstanding location advantages and abundant educational resources

  The college is located in Beijing, the capital with a developed economy and society and a rich cultural heritage. It has two campuses in Yanjiao and Daxing, covering a total area of 906 acres. Among them, the Yanjiao campus covers an area of 310 acres. It has a gymnasium, a library, more than 10 training centers, including ministerial key training rooms, and more than 60 training rooms. The teaching and training facilities are complete and equipped with advanced equipment. It is in a leading position among similar domestic institutions. There are more than 3,000 students and more than 290 faculty members, of which more than 45% are teachers with senior professional titles, more than 80% have doctorate or master degrees, and the ratio of double teachers is more than 70%. The teaching staff has a reasonable structure and excellent quality. , The basic theory is solid, the teaching practice ability is outstanding, and many teachers have won the "National Skilled Talents Outstanding Contribution Award" and have been named "Beijing Famous Teaching Teacher". The Daxing campus under construction is located in Beijing's emerging university cluster, covering an area of 596 acres. After completion, it will be a new campus full of vitality and contemporary flavor that integrates modernization, digitalization, and landscaping.

   Relying on the civil affairs industry, with distinctive professional characteristics

Based on civil affairs and facing the society, the college has nursing (general nursing), elderly service and management, property management, civil affairs management (lottery marketing and management), wedding service and management, social work (helping social workers, community social workers), and human resources Management, public welfare and charity management, preschool education (0-3 years old early childhood education, general early childhood education, special child education), modern funeral technology and management, garden technology, prosthesis and orthosis technology, rehabilitation assistive device technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, etc.17 A special specialty and professional direction that covers all fields of civil affairs and urgently needed by the society has cultivated and delivered a large number of high-quality social management and social service skilled talents for the country.

   Diversified training models, broad employment prospects

The college adheres to the open-ended school-running strategy, and has successively established a talent training mechanism of “cooperative research and development, cooperative education, and cooperative employment” with more than 20 enterprises, institutions, and industry institutions. More than 20 colleges and universities in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions have established inter-school exchanges and cooperation relations, regularly carry out teacher-student exchanges and training activities, and explore the implementation of "2+2", "3+1" and other students Cultivating channels overseas, focusing on cultivating high-level skilled talents with an international perspective. The rate of graduates obtaining graduation certificates and vocational qualification certificates is more than 98%, the one-time employment rate is more than 96%, the recommended promotion rate is more than 15%, and the admission rate is more than 70%. The quality and level of talent training has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Fully affirmed by the Municipal Education Commission and widely recognized by the society.

  The green channel is unblocked and the reward system is perfect

   The college has vigorously expanded various awards and funding channels, and has formed a comprehensive three-level scholarship assistance system of "national-academy-society". Students in school can receive national scholarships, inspirational scholarships, national bursaries, college entrance awards (bursaries), poverty subsidies, as well as Tianjin Hetong Scholarship, Defali Scholarship, Tianjin Medical Care Scholarship, Social Welfare Foundation, Huamin Charity Employment Assistance More than 20 social special awards including projects. Among them, the highest single award amount is 8000 yuan, and the highest award amount can be 21000 yuan in one academic year. Scholarships and bursaries cover more than 50% of outstanding students and 100% of students in difficulties in the college, which effectively stimulates the enthusiasm of students in learning, and effectively guarantees the dream of impoverished students.

  At present, the state attaches great importance to ensuring and improving people's livelihood, strengthening and innovating social management. The 13th National Civil Affairs Conference held by the State Council in March 2012 clearly stated that "civil government officials play a key role in social construction." As a college directly under the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the college is the main position and main channel for the education and training of national civil affairs talents. It is facing good development opportunities and broad development prospects. Candidates are welcome to apply for the Beijing Vocational College of Social Management to promote the scientific development of civil affairs. , Promote the construction of a harmonious society and make positive contributions.