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Beijing Peili Vocational College

Beijing Peili Vocational College is approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It was established on the basis of the original Beijing Peili Vocational University. It is a full-time, privately-run college that independently issues state-recognized academic qualifications and carries out higher vocational education (specialties). . The college has 9 departments, 29 higher vocational education majors, and more than 2,000 students.

On April 20, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to our college: “'Ten years of trees, 100 years of people.' Beijing Peili Vocational College takes'hands and brains together, create analysis' as the school motto, cares about the country, and strives hard. Inheriting and carrying forward the vocational education ideas advocated by the old principals Alley and He Ke, and meticulously cultivated a large number of talents for China's socialist modernization."

On April 12, 2008, Premier Wen Jiabao gave the school motto "Use both hands and brain to create analysis" in the daily management of all opportunities and wrote to the students. The affirmation and encouragement of the party and state leaders pointed out the direction and historical mission of the New Era College, and provided great education, encouragement and encouragement to the teachers and students of the college.

The predecessor of the college was Peili Vocational University, which was founded in May 1983. It was one of the earliest private universities established in my country's reform and opening up. Its history originated from the Bailey School founded by Louis Alley during the Anti-Japanese War in the last century.

The establishment and construction of Peili Vocational University has received strong support from international friends and well-known social activist Louis Alley. He proposed and approved by the Beijing Municipal Administration to change the name of the school to Peili Vocational University and work with Ma Haide. Served as the first honorary principal of our school. In 1984, Ai Li personally determined the name of our school as the Peili Vocational University. The reason why it was named "Peili" was to commemorate its ancestor Joseph Bailey, and the other was to cultivate talents for the dawn of China. Rewi Alley came to China in 1927, participated in the first international Marxism study group, and established contact with the Chinese Communist Party. His residence became the meeting point and refuge of the party’s underground work, which served as the foundation for China’s war of resistance and the new China’s A lot of work has been done in construction, education, and propaganda. Comrade Deng Xiaoping called him a "great international fighter", an old soldier, old friend, and old comrade of the Chinese people.

The college has released unified enrollment indicators in 26 provinces, cities (autonomous regions) across the country, and enrolled students uniformly in accordance with the regulations of the college admissions office of each province, city (autonomous region). The college's majors adapt to the needs of the talent market, with distinctive characteristics, and provide suitable education for students who are interested in applying for the exam.

The college actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, has established inter-school exchanges and cooperation with universities in Spain, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, signed inter-school cooperation agreements, and carried out and implemented international cooperation projects.

The college has achieved new breakthroughs in its international transformation. It established the Louis Alley International Cultural Exchange Center, an international talent training base, and a talent class for studying abroad, and strived to build the college into a national cultural education and exchange platform. The college has been approved to recruit international students, which is in line with the development of the country’s “One Belt and One Road” strategy to recruit international students from more than 20 countries to receive academic education or language training in our college.

Carry out the teaching model reform of "domestic" + "international" dual training, actively promote the training of "high-end, distinctive, and international" vocational talents, and promote the construction of international higher vocational education talent training bases. The college cooperates with counterpart colleges in Spain, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries to carry out international cooperation programs for undergraduate promotion and master degree promotion, with the goal of cultivating students’ international vision, competitiveness and innovative spirit. International cooperation projects have achieved new results, and there are a number of them every year. Students study for an undergraduate degree, a master's degree in Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom, or go to the United States and other countries for paid internships.

With the aim of "training for the dawn" and "teaching and educating people", the college aims to provide vocational education that satisfies the people, insists on serving the capital's "four centers" functional positioning construction and industrial development, based in Beijing, relying on Zhongguancun, Serving the grassroots; adhere to the rule of law, honesty in running schools, and standardized management, with the mission of "sharing the country's worries, solving problems for parents, and paving the way for young students to become talents", and practice the school philosophy of "public society, civilian universities, people-oriented, democratic management"; With the aim of high-end service and high-quality employment as the orientation, we will follow the development path of higher vocational education integrating industry and education, adhere to the talent training model of integration of industry and education, and work and study, and continuously deepen professional construction and curriculum reform to improve the quality of education and teaching. High-quality skilled talents. The admission rate of our students to participate in the Beijing Junior College Entrance Examination exceeds 60%, ranking among the top universities in this city. The college has formed a major in economics and management, engineering, culture and art majors support each other, finance and commerce , Bilingual preschool education, information technology, art media, and people’s livelihood services. The coordinated development pattern of five professional groups has laid a solid foundation for the college's connotative development, distinctive school establishment, and brand strength, and the strength of running a school has been further enhanced.

So far, the college has delivered more than tens of thousands of practical talents to the society, and has been welcomed and praised by all sectors of society. The employment rate of graduates in the college has reached about 97% over the years, and the employment quality is high. Every year, a group of graduates are employed by many large enterprises and commercial banks. Since 2001, the college has held six "Spring Bud" junior college classes, self-raised or absorbed social funds to support girls with excellent academic performance and poor families to complete their junior college studies, which has changed their life destiny. He has been commended by the All-China Women's Federation and China Children and Teenagers' Fund for many times.

In order to enhance students' professional core competence and employment competitiveness, and broaden employment channels, the college has built 52 on-campus training rooms to meet the training needs of students of various majors. At the same time, it vigorously strengthens the practical exercise of students' full contact with the society during the school. The various majors of the college have successively cooperated with the People’s Procuratorate of Beijing Haidian District, Lenovo Group, China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd., Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Beijing Branch, People's Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Zhongjun Tengda Trading Co., Ltd., Wal-Mart, Mingjingtang Chinese Medicine Museum, Maple Leaf International School, Changfu Palace Hotel, Tsinghua University Science and Education Instrument Factory, Lei Shing Hong Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and other units were established 52 off-campus training bases have been established.

Since its establishment, the college has made outstanding achievements in running schools and has been commended and rewarded by the education authority many times. In November 2004, it was rated as "2004 Beijing Private Education Advanced Unit" by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China Education Work Committee and Beijing Municipal Education Commission; Model school governing schools according to law"; in 2005, it was rated as "advanced non-governmental organization" by Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Personnel, and Beijing Municipal Organization Management Office; Advanced Unit for Safe and Stable Work in Colleges and Universities”; In 2008, it was awarded as “Advanced Unit for Olympic Work in the Capital Education System” by the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China Education Committee, Beijing Municipal Committee of Education, Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, etc.; in May 2009, it was awarded by the All-China Women’s Federation "China Children's Charity Award"; In November 2009, it was awarded as "Advanced Unit for Celebrating National Day, Speaking of Civilization, and Building a New Style" by the Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee; in November 2010, it was awarded "National Private Education" by the China Teachers Development Foundation of the Ministry of Education. Advanced Unit"; in June 2011, it was rated as "Outstanding Private Higher Education Institutions in China" by the Higher Education Professional Committee of the China Private Education Association; in July 2011, it was awarded "China Children's Charity" by the All-China Women’s Federation and China Children’s and Teenagers’ Fund Award"; in December 2012, it was rated as Beijing’s “5A-level social organization” by the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and in February 2013 it was awarded the “Beijing Social Organization Demonstration Base” by the Civil Affairs Bureau. In 2017, the college party organization was established as a demonstration point for party building work in the education field of Beijing; on July 1, 2019, the college party committee was rated as an advanced party organization in the education system of Haidian District, Beijing.

The original heart calls for responsibility, and the mission leads the future. Beijing Peili Vocational College keeps in mind the entrustment of General Secretary Xi, and under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it carries forward the Gung Ho spirit of “work hard and work together” of Ai Lao, actively carry out international cultural exchanges, and promote world peace and development. , Make new contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind.