China college

PLA Army Aviation Academy

The Army Aviation Academy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, deputy army level, is under the general staff. It is the youngest military academy in the entire military. It was newly established in 1999 when the military academy system was compressed and adjusted. The campus is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing, with a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is a modern military academy with advanced design, complete functions, reasonable layout, and distinctive features, incorporating the latest design concepts and innovative spirit. . The college has 40,000 square meters of teaching and laboratory buildings, as well as complete teaching and research facilities.

   Over the years, the college has deepened teaching reforms and promoted quality education, which has achieved remarkable results. The main task is to train mid-level political commanders of the Army Aviation Corps, helicopter pilots of the Army and Air Force, and maintenance cadres of the Army Aviation Engineering. It is a multi-disciplinary and multi-level comprehensive academy with military and political, command and technology, air and ground services, officers and soldiers training at the same school.

The main task of the college is to train army and air force helicopter flight officers and army aviation engineering maintenance officers. It also undertakes the training tasks of landing aviation intermediate command officers and maintenance academies. It is a military and political, command and technology, air and ground service, and military officer. Multi-disciplinary and multi-level comprehensive academies that train with soldiers on the same school. The Army Aviation Academy follows the policy that education must be modernized, world-oriented, and future-oriented. It cultivates lofty ideals, noble morals, broad minds, rich knowledge, strong skills, strict discipline, tenacious style, and robustness. The physique, the flying officer who can meet the needs of future combat, is the training target.