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Beijing Film Academy

The predecessor of the Beijing Film Academy was the Performing Arts Institute of the Central Film Bureau founded in 1950. The institute was renamed the Film School of the Film Bureau of the Central Ministry of Culture in 1951, the Beijing Film School in 1953, and the Beijing Film Academy in 1956.

   school scale

   Beijing Film Academy covers an area of 105 acres. There are nearly 3,000 full-time students with a degree in school, and about 3,000 adult education undergraduates, international students, on-the-job graduate students and graduate courses, advanced studies and trainees. The school is building a new campus, covering an area of 667 acres and planning to have 6000 full-time students on campus.

   school running characteristics

After several generations of continuous struggle, the school has established a complete and scientific film science discipline system; it has formed a multi-level and multi-form film with undergraduate teaching as the main body, covering junior college, undergraduate, master, doctoral, continuing education, and international student education. Professional talent training system. Beijing Film Academy is in a leading position in the field of Chinese film higher education with its school-running advantages of scientific schooling ideology, integrated professional structure, systematization of education system, elite training of talents, integration of school functions, standardization of practical teaching, and modernization of teaching guarantees. . After more than 60 years of accumulation, the school motto of "respect the teacher and respect the morals and pass on from generation to generation" and the school spirit of "cultivation, diligence, fine art and practice" have been formed. The university culture system is based on the school spirit of seeking innovation. Based on this, the school is committed to the development of film education that meets the needs of building a strong film country in China, and cultivates outstanding film workers who are awed, dare to take responsibility, and have the courage to innovate. In June 2007, the school passed the undergraduate teaching level evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education with "excellent" results. In the ranking of the 25 best film schools in the world published by the Hollywood Reporter magazine in 2011 and 2012, our school ranked third in the world for two consecutive years.