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Zhejiang Agricultural Commerce Vocational College

Zhejiang Agricultural Commerce Vocational College is a provincial full-time public higher vocational college sponsored by Zhejiang Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and was founded in 1979. It is a model higher vocational college of the All-China Supply and Marketing Cooperative, the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, a high-level professional group construction unit in Zhejiang Province, a civilized unit in Zhejiang Province, and the contractor of Zhejiang Tea Industry College.

The college is located in Shaoxing, a famous historical and cultural city, covering an area of more than 430 acres. There are more than 7,600 full-time students and more than 360 faculty members. There are Departments of Agricultural Economics and Management, Department of Culinary Tourism, Department of Art Design, Department of Automobile Technology, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Economics and Trade, Department of Basic Education, Department of Continuing Education and other departments. There are 22 enrollment majors in tea planting and tea processing, exhibition planning and management, cooking technology and nutrition, among which 9 are agriculture-related majors, forming a speciality featuring "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and modern commerce majors, tourism, A professional system for the coordinated development of arts, automobiles and other majors.

In recent years, the college has achieved rapid development. Party building, education and teaching results, talent training quality, governance capabilities, and school-running conditions have been comprehensively improved, and the comprehensive school-running level and social reputation have been significantly improved. Presided over and participated in the construction of 3 national teaching resources database, took the lead in formulating 1 higher vocational professional teaching standard of the Ministry of Education, owned 3 central financial support projects to enhance the professional service industry capacity, 2 Zhejiang high-level professional group construction projects, and higher education of the Ministry of Education The Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan has 2 key majors, 5 provincial characteristic majors, 1 provincial modern apprenticeship pilot major, and 4 provincial demonstration training base construction projects. Won the special prize of the National Ideological and Political Course Exhibition Competition, the second prize of the Higher Vocational Liberal Arts Group of the National Multimedia Courseware Competition and other national teaching competition awards.

Enrollment and employment showed a booming momentum. In recent years, the admission rate of freshmen has remained above 98%, the quality of students has improved significantly, and the number of students in the high segment has increased significantly. The initial employment rate of graduates has reached 98%, employer satisfaction and many other indicators are ranked high in the province, and the rate of entering undergraduate education from junior college is higher than the average level of the province.

The college takes the spirit of “salary, tasting the courage and striving for governance” as its connotation, relying on the material environment with a strong humanistic atmosphere, and a variety of practical activities as the carrier, actively practicing the school-running philosophy of “the four industries are connected and the four parties are satisfied”, and vigorously strengthen the construction of campus culture. The "Volunteer School" volunteer service project was rated as "Zhejiang Excellent Volunteer Service Collective".

At present, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the whole hospital is seizing opportunities, deepening reforms, forging ahead, promoting the development of various undertakings in an all-round way, and striving to build a first-class, well-known, modern agriculture-related institution in the province. Such higher vocational colleges and universities should provide education that satisfies the people, and make due contributions to the construction of "the first province of socialist modernization" and "important window"!