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Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade

Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade is an independent state-owned public full-time higher vocational college established in 2017 with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government. The administrative relationship of the college is subordinate to the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Yunnan Province and accepts business guidance from the Department of Education of Yunnan Province. . The college and Yunnan Technician College are run by a team of people. It is located at No. 23, Kunwan Middle Road, Anning City, Kunming, Yunnan Province. It faces the needs of the economy and society to cultivate comprehensive technical and technical talents.

The campus covers an area of 381.72 acres, with a school building area of 143,200 square meters, of which a building area of 62,700 square meters for teaching, laboratory, and administrative buildings. It is equipped with 12 on-campus training centers and 20 off-campus training bases. There are 153 employees, of which 127 are full-time teachers, and 40 are associate professors or above, accounting for 31.5% of full-time teachers. The college has trained a group of famous teachers such as Liu Wangcai, the "Chief Technician of Yunnan", "Outstanding Teacher of Yunnan Education System", Shi Guowen, the famous teaching teacher of Yunnan "Ten Thousand Talents Program", and Li Xuezhang, "Yunling Famous Teaching Teacher". Teacher Zheng Qiyuan of the college won the gold medal of the "Mobile Robot" project World Championship, and teacher Duan Yihong served as the translator of the "Aircraft Maintenance" project to help the project win the World Championship silver medal, achieving the breakthrough of zero gold medal in the Yunnan World Championship and China’s history of having no gold medal in this project. It won honors for the motherland, added luster to Yunnan, and competed for honors for Anning.

Facing the construction of "Eight Key Industries" and "Five Networks" in Yunnan Province, the college has 20 majors in intelligent manufacturing, chemical engineering, biology, information technology, social services, architecture, and automobile. There are 2798 students in the school. people.

The college adheres to the talent training system of morality casting soul, skill building, talents adding color, and style shaping, actively integrating and serving the national strategy and the needs of Yunnan’s economic and social development, building a professional system with engineering majors and modern service industry, forming a professional system for equipment manufacturing, A school-running pattern with engineering majors in secondary industries such as biology and chemical engineering and electronic information as the mainstay. In combination with majors, companies with advanced production equipment and leading technology in the same industry are selected as the designated practice bases for students, and school-enterprise cooperation agreements are signed with the companies to ensure that students participate in the corresponding professional production internships. The focus is on building an off-campus training base system with advanced equipment, complete functions, and high-quality resource sharing among the "eight major industries and five network construction" that will be concentrated in the development of Yunnan Province in the future. It has established school-enterprise partnerships with 17 companies including Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd., and jointly made suggestions for professional construction and talent training.

For more than two years since running the school, the college has hosted the chemical production technology, industrial analysis and inspection, and cooking competitions in the 2018 and 2019 Vocational College Skills Competitions in Yunnan Province, and actively participated in related competitions. It won 4 first prizes and second prizes. There are 6 awards, 6 third prizes, and special contribution awards issued by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education.

Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Trade will be based in Yunnan, facing the whole country, radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia. Through brand specialization, high-level team building and quality education, it will build a distinctive, leading in the province and nationally well-known higher vocational colleges, and continuously improve the efficiency of running schools. Enhance the construction of connotation, in order to realize the “three positioning” goals of “a demonstration zone for national unity and progress, a pioneer in ecological civilization construction, and a radiation center for South Asia and Southeast Asia” proposed by General Secretary Xi to Yunnan, and serve Yunnan’s “five network construction” and “ "Eight Industries", cultivate high-quality technical and skilled personnel, and make due contributions to the rapid development of Yunnan's economy!