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Yunnan Vocational College of Special Education

Yunnan Vocational College of Special Education was established in 2017. It is the only independent public college-level special education vocational college in Southwest my country, and is under the management of the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education. The college carries out full-time secondary and higher vocational education, taking into account continuing education and short-term vocational skills training and appraisal; according to the integration of production and education and development needs, the college regularly organizes school-enterprise joint training of order majors to meet the needs of regional industrial economic development and social needs.

Based in Yunnan, serving the west, and facing the whole country as the goal of running a school, the college uses the concept of "combination of disabled and healthy, common development, integrated education, and service to the society" to give full play to the resource advantages of higher vocational colleges; market and employment-oriented, closely integrated The education and employment needs of persons with disabilities, as well as the needs of people with disabilities and public services, set up majors; the college takes "Lide to foster people" as its fundamental goal, attaches importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education, emphasizes vocational ability training, and integrates production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation As a way, we will focus on cultivating self-reliant, high-quality skilled talents who can meet the front-line needs of production, management, and service.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Residuals are jade, recite strings to become Chinese", encourages and helps disabled students to become self-reliant, through the learning of vocational skills, return to the mainstream society and become self-reliant high-skilled talents; the college adopts "disabled and healthy integration, mutual assistance and mutual progress." For the concept, we will strive to build a harmonious campus that helps the disabled and the weak, edify students with a campus culture that helps the disabled and the weak and harmonious coexistence. In the subtle teaching and life process, cultivate caring, patient, and enterprising careers for the disabled and social public services. Professional talents in career; the college has a team of teachers with noble teachers' style and morality, practicing the concept of "educate people first, help others to help themselves", and have outstanding professional capabilities. 78 people have a bachelor's degree or above, of which 16 have a master's degree; senior There are 24 professional titles, accounting for 28.2% of the total number of full-time teachers.

The college consists of 2 campuses. The site of Chenggong Wujiaying Campus is: No. 1606 Wanfeng Street, Wujiaying Street, Chenggong University Town, Kunming City, Yunnan Province; The Palm Treeying Campus of Xishan is located at Heshun near Huapu Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province lane. The two campuses have a total net land area of 151.05 acres, and a building area of more than 40,000 square meters for teaching, laboratory and administrative buildings. The college has 4 language rooms with a total of more than 120 seats, 338 teaching computers, and 28 multimedia classrooms; on campus There are 12 training rooms and 33 off-campus practice bases.

The college adheres to the principle of coordinated development of scale, structure, quality, and efficiency. There are two teaching departments, namely, the Department of Ideological and Political Teaching, and the Department of Public Basic Teaching, as well as three departments of special education and public services, economic information, and art design. There are a total of: Special education, community rehabilitation, housekeeping services, accounting, e-commerce, mobile application development, network public opinion monitoring, art design, beauty and body, arts and crafts design, national traditional skills, etc. 11 majors, more than 520 college students, technical secondary school There are more than 480 students in the department.