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College of Public Security and Fire Forces

Public Security Fire Forces College (Public Security Fire Forces College) is located in the beautiful spring city of Kunming. The school was established in July 1991. The school was named as the Kunming Command School of Public Security Fire Forces; in April 2015, approved by the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed the Public Security Fire Forces College. It is a general university directly under the Ministry of Public Security Fire Bureau and is currently nationwide. The only professional school that recruits students for national firefighting forces and trains firefighting commanders.

The school focuses on the first job needs of the grassroots, adhering to the school motto of "motherland, responsibility, virtuous, erudition", following the law of higher education development, and practicing "political school establishment, quality school establishment, talent-powered school, characteristic school development, strict The road to the development of “school governance”. Based on reality, focusing on the future, working hard and pursuing excellence. After 25 years of construction and development, the school has formed its own school-running characteristics in terms of personnel training, army management, scientific research level, and foreign exchanges. Various teaching facilities have been improved, the level of teachers has been continuously improved, the education system has become more mature, and the ability of teaching and research has been continuously enhanced. . Over the past 25 years, a large number of heroes and role models on the firefighting front have been cultivated. They have made outstanding contributions to the firefighting cause of the Republic in their ordinary posts, and they have composed a moving hymn with their blood and life.