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Zhaotong Health Vocational College

Zhaotong Health Vocational College was approved by the Yunnan Provincial Government in March 2016, and was filed by the Ministry of Education in April. It enrolled the first batch of students in September. It is the only public higher vocational college at the specialist level engaged in medical vocational education in Zhaotong and surrounding areas. The college is supervised by the People's Government of Zhaotong City, and its business is under the guidance of the provincial and municipal education, sports, and health departments. It implements the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee and is a second-class public welfare institution with a full fiscal budget. Now there are 18 high (middle) vocational majors (11 majors in three-year full-time specialties: Chinese medicine, nursing, midwifery, medical laboratory technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, public health management, elderly health care and management, eye optics technology, Pharmacy, medical beauty technology, medical imaging technology; four majors in five-year colleges: nursing, midwifery, medical laboratory technology, and rehabilitation technology; three majors in three-year technical secondary schools: nursing, midwifery, and rural medicine). State-controlled clinical medicine and acupuncture and massage are in the process of applying. The college has three experimental training centers for basic medicine, clinical skills, and nursing skills, with a building area of 21,862 square meters. The second phase of the construction of the college includes the second teaching building, the third experimental training building, and the library, covering an area of 31056.1 square meters. The college has 2 affiliated hospitals, 2 teaching hospitals, and 33 practice bases.

The college currently has 29 internal institutions (including 15 party and government management institutions, 12 teaching institutions, and 2 teaching auxiliary institutions); there are 282 faculty members (including 7 supernumerary full-time counselors) and 229 full-time teachers People (71 with senior titles, 33 with intermediate titles, 125 with junior titles), 96 dual-professional teachers, and 56 postgraduates. Up to now, the college has 6,989 students (including 3248 in three-year college, 479 in five-year college, 2609 in three-year technical secondary school, and 653 in adult education).

In recent years, the college’s party and government has led the teachers and students of the school to pioneer and innovate. They have won the provincial safe campus, the provincial drug prevention demonstration school, the Yunnan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee's patriotic national unity and progress education series of outstanding organization awards, and all Provincial Advanced Unit for Recruitment Work, Second Prize of the Provincial "Tianyan Cup" Medical Skills Competition Group, the first place in the three team projects of the province’s college students’ higher vocational colleges’ campus sports dance competition, Zhaotong City’s 2017 Party Building and Party Style Honours such as the Excellent Award for Clean Government Construction, the First Prize of Educational Goal Assessment, the Demonstration Site of Party Building Work in the Municipal Education System, and the Excellent Unit of the Party Conduct and Clean Government Construction Responsibility System of the Municipal Education System in 2018. The teachers of the college won more than 100 honors such as "Advanced Workers in Anti-drug Education", Yunnan University Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Competition, Provincial Moral Education Innovation Cup Teaching Design and Speaking Competition Winning Award; more than 60 students including Shen Degang, He Yonglu, etc. Respectively won the provincial "three good students", provincial outstanding student leaders, provincial nomination awards for the 13th annual college students of Yunnan Province, provincial outstanding graduates and other honors. Student Ma Sidan represented Yunnan Province to participate in the Nursing Skills Competition of the Secondary Vocational Group in the National Vocational College Skills Competition in 2019, and won the third prize of the National Individual.

The school adheres to the school motto of "passing the heart of benevolence and learning from the world" and adheres to the "Four Ones" philosophy of running a school: "Teachers are the school's first resource, management is the school's first priority, and quality is the school's first life. , Development is the only way for the school", and use the "four educating people", namely, "teaching and educating people, managing and educating people, serving and educating people, and educating people through the environment" to guide the school's daily work.

At present, the college is constantly strengthening the foundation, cultivating morality, focusing on the leadership of party building with characteristics, consolidating the training of professional talents, strengthening the function of ideological and political construction, focusing on education and teaching reforms, ensuring campus safety and stability, and doing a good job in employment innovation and entrepreneurship. Real link assistance and poverty alleviation work in villages. Under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and with the care and support of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the college will not forget its original aspiration and continue to move forward. Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, it will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In the era, we will create a new atmosphere and help Zhaotong's comprehensive poverty alleviation and economic and social development with effective health personnel training practices.