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Yunnan Modern Vocational and Technical College

Yunnan Modern Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time general higher vocational college after the approval of the Ministry of Education to change the school system in May 2020. The college is managed by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education. The school-running level is mainly based on three-year higher vocational (specialist) and five-year higher vocational (specialist) education. It is a public welfare second-class institution. The Party Committee of Yunnan Modern Vocational and Technical College is subordinate to the Chuxiong Prefecture Committee of the Communist Party of China and implements the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee.

The college is located in the Chuxiong Vocational Education Park, Camellia Avenue, Chuxiong City. The park is known as the "Scenery and Garden Student City". It has 23,000 students of various types. It is one of the five comprehensive reform pilots of the Ministry of Education in the country. Won the "National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education", "National Skilled Talents Cultivation Outstanding Contribution Award", "National Education Reform and Innovation Award", "National High-skilled Talent Training Base" and other honors. Modern vocational education and training system led by backbone and applied undergraduates.

Yunnan Modern Vocational and Technical College runs in strict accordance with the standards of the state-run higher vocational colleges. The college occupies an area of 311 acres, a school building area of 117,500 square meters, assets of 2,211,188 million yuan in training equipment, 344 faculty members, of which more than 60% are "dual-qualified" teachers, and there are a number of nationally renowned teaching teachers. In 2020, students will be enrolled in the province. The main majors are automobile inspection and maintenance technology, construction engineering technology, pharmaceutical production technology, hotel management, advertising design and production, among which there are 600 students in the three-year system and 1,500 in the five-year system.

Yunnan Modern Vocational and Technical College adheres to the school motto of “Leading morality and cultivating aspirations, conceiving skills to serve the country”, adhering to the school spirit of “Books, spirit, craftsmanship”, insisting on “striving for perfection, operability and natural workmanship; Based on Chuxiong, the concept of “establishing the foundation and entering the chemical market” is based on Chuxiong, facing the whole province, radiating South Asia and Southeast Asia, and building a comprehensive higher vocational college in ethnic areas that focuses on industry and develops science, engineering, agriculture, economics, and sports. Cultivate practical, compound, and innovative high-skilled modern professional talents that meet the needs of economic and social development for production, construction, management, and service.