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Yunnan Vocational College of Technology

Yunnan Vocational College of Technology is the first mixed higher vocational college in Yunnan Province. Yunnan Yunneng Xinghan Education Development Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Yunnan's large state-owned enterprises-Yunnan Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Xinghan Education Management Co., Ltd. Investment organization. The school successfully filed with the Ministry of Education in 2019 and became a full-time general higher vocational college with independent qualifications to issue academic diplomas. The school covers an area of 533 acres, with a total construction area of 480,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.971 billion yuan. So far, 398,000 square meters of school buildings have been built.

The school now has secondary colleges such as the Big Data College, the School of Rail Transit, the School of Construction Engineering, and the School of Management. The professional settings are aimed at the key industrial sectors of Yunnan Province, the development direction of the existing and future industries and industries in the New Industrial Zone in Central Yunnan. Pay attention to the industrial layout of Yunnan Energy Investment Group, reflecting the industry's requirements for the quality, level and specifications of core technical and technical talents, mainly in civil engineering, water conservancy, manufacturing, electronic information, materials and energy, transportation, finance and other major categories. And according to the needs of economic and social development for talents and the actual situation of the college, the professional settings will be adjusted in a timely manner. There are engineering measurement technology, construction engineering technology, engineering cost, urban rail transit electromechanical technology, urban rail transit operation management, urban rail vehicle application technology, software technology, big data technology, mobile application development, tourism management, and infant care Professionals such as service and management. There are comprehensive training platforms such as rail transit comprehensive training center, big data training center, engineering training center, civil engineering center, mechanics training center, BIM engineering center, elevator training center, etc.

The school takes "new engineering, new vocational education, and internationalization of new science and technology" as its goal and path, and builds it into a distinctive feature of the college. It not only highlights the characteristics of the "new vocational education" type, but also fully highlights the specialty characteristics of the "new engineering", and also cultivates technical and technical talents for the "Belt and Road" in accordance with the requirements of "internationalization".