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Dali Vocational College of Nursing

Dali Nursing Vocational College is a full-time public general higher vocational college in medicine and health under the supervision of the Yunnan Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education in March 2016. It passed the talent training of the Provincial Department of Education in November 2019. Qualification assessment. Its predecessor was Dali Hygiene School of Yunnan Province, which was established in 1953. After more than 60 years of school-running accumulation, it has developed into a company with advantages in nursing and optometry technologies, as well as health management, traditional Chinese medicine and health care, and rehabilitation treatment technologies. A medical and health vocational college integrating disciplines.

The college covers an area of 462 acres with a building area of 139,000 square meters. There are 272 faculty members, 189 full-time teachers, more than 50 teachers with master's degree and degree, 74 associate senior titles, 92 full-time teachers with "dual qualifications", and the qualification rate of full-time theoretical teachers (undergraduate) Above) reach 100%. There are more than 8,000 students of various types, including 6,000 full-time students of various types, and more than 2,000 continuing education students. The college now offers 9 majors including nursing, midwifery, ophthalmology technology, rehabilitation treatment technology, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation technology, pharmacy, elderly health care and management, traditional Chinese medicine health care and health care, and health management.

A 54,000-square-meter “three centers and three bases” (public basic training center, professional basic training center, mental health education consultation center, nursing training base, and vision) integrating teaching, scientific research, and training have been built. Technical training base, rehabilitation technology training base); equipped with 32 categories, 208 standard laboratories; with a simulation ward that integrates teaching, learning, and training, which integrates teaching, assessment, vocational skills training and appraisal functions It has a practical training base, various experimental training equipment totaling more than 30 million yuan, and the library has a collection of 182,000 books. Multimedia voice system, computer teaching system, teacher's computer lesson preparation system, biological signal acquisition system, library electronic reading system, administrative office system have been installed and equipped, and the distance education network has been opened, realizing the modernization of teaching methods, facilities and equipment. It has 1 affiliated hospital (the First People's Hospital of Dali), 4 teaching hospitals, and built more than 40 teaching and practice bases covering various disciplines inside and outside the province, laying a foundation for cultivating high-level medical and health technical skills talents with strong hands-on ability solid foundation.

The college focuses on deepening multi-level open education and international exchanges and cooperation. Actively carry out cooperative education projects with Chengde Nursing Vocational College and Australia Sunria Institute of Technology; explore cooperation in nursing talent training with Australia, Japan and other Southeast Asian and South Asian countries; carry out rehabilitation, Health management, vision and vision talent training cooperation. Strive to build a "Nursing Education and Training Center", "Yunnan Province Overseas Nurse Training Center", "Sports, Elderly Care, and Health Care Technical Skills Training Center", and "Senior Optometry Professional Training Center" with certain influence in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Actively build a broad platform for international college cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, teacher training, and students studying abroad.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the college will actively integrate into and serve the national "Belt and Road" cooperation initiative under the correct leadership of the Dali State Party Committee, the State Government and the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education. , Quality priority, running characteristics, and cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents that serve regional development", forming a school-running feature with nursing education as the leader; taking "Living morality and cultivating people" as its own responsibility, and actively adapting to higher education reforms and The needs of the development of medical and health care have further clarified the college’s school positioning, school thinking and goals, and fully implemented the party’s education policy; centered on "characteristic colleges, quality-based colleges, talent-strengthening colleges, cultural education colleges, and governance by law” Adhering to the academic motto of "Leading morality to foster people, uniting knowledge and action", promotes the academic style of "unity, forge ahead, truth-seeking and innovation", with political construction as the guide, morality and humanity as the foundation, and stability and progress as the general principle. The keynote is to take reform and innovation as the driving force, to focus on implementation as the basis, to improve quality as the requirement, deepen the development of connotation, strengthen characteristic innovation, and promote the comprehensive establishment of a distinctive medical and health vocational college, and march towards "double high".