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Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College

Yunnan Sanxin Vocational and Technical College is a full-time higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Yunnan Province and approved by the Ministry of Education. It has independently issued a nationally recognized diploma. It was approved in February 2009, and the school was officially enrolled in September of the same year.

Since the establishment of the college, with the attention, care and support of the provincial and prefectural party committees and governments, education administrative departments, and all sectors of society, it has adhered to the party's educational policy, adhered to the socialist direction of running schools, adhered to morality, and upholds "seeking righteousness and transcendence." The school’s philosophy of running a school is based on the mission of “giving parents’ love to students, becoming moral and technical talents and repaying society”. The college continues to increase its construction efforts, improve the conditions for running a school, strengthen the connotation construction, expand the scale of running a school, improve the quality of running a school, enhance the efficiency of running a school, and effectively promote the rapid and healthy development of the college.

The college is planned to cover an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a good geographical location and broad development space. It has complete teaching hardware facilities and professional teaching staff. The college is approved to offer nearly 40 majors including nursing, pharmacy, medical imaging technology, automobile inspection and maintenance, construction engineering, business administration, and preschool education. The majors have a reasonable structure and sufficient number. Among them, nursing, automobile inspection and maintenance, construction engineering, power supply technology, preschool education and other professions have high employment rates, which are the main professions of our hospital.

Over the past 10 years since its establishment, the college has cumulatively sent nearly 10,000 qualified graduates to the society and made due contributions to the local economic and social development.