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Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Sports

The predecessor of Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Sports was the Yunnan Youth Sports School founded in 1964, and was established as the Yunnan Sports School in 1978. In 1994, the school and the Yunnan Institute of Physical Education for Adults, established in 1983, were co-sponsored to run a school. In 1998, Yunnan Institute of Physical Education was transferred to Yunnan Normal University. On May 26, 2004, the school was approved by the Yunnan Provincial People's Government and was established as the Yunnan Sports Vocational and Technical College.

The college currently covers an area of 320 acres, with a school building area of more than 90,000 square meters. There are 5822 full-time vocational students, 183 faculty members, 93 faculty members with master's degree or above, and 38 professional and technical personnel with associate high school or above. There are 1 national-level backbone major (sports training), 4 provincial-level high-level backbone majors (physical education, sports training, sports health and rehabilitation, gardening technology), 1 provincial-level teaching team, and provincial-level public practice training and teaching 1 base, 1 provincial-level famous teacher studio, 1 professional service industry capacity building project, 1 "Eleventh Five-Year" planning textbook, 2 "Twelfth Five-Year" planning textbooks, provincial internship training base 3 There are 3 provincial off-campus internship training bases, 3 provincial-level quality courses, 3 provincial-level quality textbooks, 3 provincial-level teaching reform research projects, 3 provincial-level higher vocational education teaching research projects, provincial-level teaching teachers 4 people, 1 cultural master in Yunnan Province.

The college currently has five secondary colleges, including the College of Physical Education, Sports Training and Coaching College, Social Sports and Sports Management College, Sports Media and Art College, and Competitive Sports College. There are a total of sports training, sports operation and management, and social Sports, leisure sports, sports health and rehabilitation, rehabilitation treatment technology, physical education, news editing and production (sports news direction), gardening technology (golf lawn maintenance management direction), dance performance (sports dance direction), electronic information engineering technology ( Sports electronic information direction), tourism management (sports tourism management direction), leisure service and management (golf service and management direction), economic information management, domestic security, fitness guidance and management, sports art performance, golf sports and management, 20 majors including traditional national sports and drone application technology, with 14 sports events including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, judo, boxing, tennis, martial arts, diving, fencing, weightlifting, golf, football, and basketball. It has sent 1,700 outstanding competitive sports talents to provincial professional sports teams, including 3 Olympic champions, 7 world champions, and more than 100 national champions.

On August 30, 2017, the college was identified by the Provincial Department of Education as the project construction unit for high-quality higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province, and entered the ranks of 12 provincial-level high-quality higher vocational colleges in Yunnan Province. On May 27, 2019, the college became the only sports vocational college that was shortlisted in the National Higher Vocational "Double High Plan" recommendation list in the country, and it is also the construction unit of the provincial "Double High Plan" in Yunnan Province.

Over the years, the college has successively won the titles of "National Advanced Unit for Amateur Training", "National Advanced Unit for Sports", "National Advanced Unit for Mass Sports", "Advanced Collective of National Education System", and "National Key High-level Sports Reserve Talent Base". Known as the "talent pool", "transportation station" and "cradle of outstanding players" of Yunnan competitive sports.