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Yunnan Forestry Vocational and Technical College

Yunnan Forestry Vocational and Technical College is a public full-time general higher vocational college approved by the People's Government of Yunnan Province, registered by the Ministry of Education, and publicly run by the state. The school is located in the Golden Temple National Scenic Area of Kunming City. Since the establishment of the former Kunming Forestry School of the Ministry of Forestry in 1955, it has formed a unique charm and profound cultural heritage. The school spirit of “green trees”, the teaching style of “being virtuous, pruning and shaping” and the style of study of “savvy, self-confident and promising” constitute the spiritual core of the Forestry Vocational College of “providing people with the spirit of trees” Connotation. As the only independent forestry vocational college in Southwest China, the school has undergone more than 60 years of development and has cultivated and cultivated a large number of forestry science and technology talents for the country. There are 16 prefectures (cities) in Yunnan Province and 129 counties (cities). , District) Forestry Bureau 80% of the technical backbone are school graduates, known as the "green cradle of Yunnan forestry talents."

The school currently covers an area of 728.6 acres, with two campuses, Jindian and Yanglin. It consists of ecological environment engineering, industrial engineering, gardening and gardening, information engineering, economic management, cultural tourism, continuing education and international exchanges, and the School of Marxism. 8 There are two second-level colleges, one general education center, more than 18,000 full-time college and technical secondary school students, more than 300 adult continuing education students, and 724,700 books and materials in the library. There are 556 faculty members, including 407 full-time teachers, 17 doctors (including 2 post-doctorate), 192 masters, 19 professors, and 110 associate professors (including associate professors). There are 3 provincial-level "Teaching Famous Teachers", 6 provincial-level teaching teachers, 1 national forestry and grassland teaching teacher, 2 experts enjoying provincial government special allowances, 1 outstanding professional and technical personnel with outstanding contributions from the province, Huang Yanpei 1 outstanding teacher; 4 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 1 provincial-level vocational education teacher teaching innovation team, 1 high-level scientific research and innovation team, 4 provincial-level famous teacher studios, 2 provincial-level skill master studios, 1 provincial-level counselor famous teacher studio, 1 provincial-level mental health education and consultation demonstration center, 1 applied technology collaborative innovation center, 1 "dual teacher" teacher training and training base, 1 virtual simulation training center, 1 entrepreneurial innovation course project; 3 production training bases jointly built by schools and enterprises, 1 production and education integration base; 110 on-campus experimental laboratories (bases), 79 off-campus training bases, of which 8 are provincial higher vocational schools Demonstration training base. In 2019, it was approved by the Ministry of Education for the first batch of pilot institutions for the "1+X" certificate system, and 22 types and 38 levels of vocational skill level certificates were selected. The school has established a high-scoring Yunnan Center Collaborative Innovation Research Base, which is the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot units in the province and the first higher vocational college to pass the credit system fee record.

The school currently offers 43 majors, including 1 national vocational college forestry and grass major majors, 7 high-level backbone majors recognized by the Ministry of Education, 1 provincial key construction major, and 5 provincial characteristic majors, basically forming a multi-coordinated development. The professional big pattern. Through the reforms and innovations of the "three education reform", talent training model, curriculum system, credit system, teaching content and methods, the school has completed the transition from provincial-level exemplary higher vocational colleges to provincial-level high-level vocational colleges and provincial-level high-quality Transformation of the establishment of higher vocational colleges, the establishment of 1 national and 2 provincial quality online courses, 130 provincial teaching quality engineering projects, and 270 scientific research projects at all levels, including 1 national natural science fund project Projects, 2 National Science and Technology Support Projects (sub-projects), 1 National Forestry and Grassland Administration 948 Project, 6 Provincial Philosophy and Social Sciences Education and Science Planning Projects, 11 Central Finance Forestry Science and Technology Promotion Demonstration Projects (including 1 subproject) Items), 12 provincial-level forestry science and technology promotion projects, 2 invention patents, 107 utility model patents, and 5 items in the National Forestry and Grassland Administration's achievement database; teachers edited or participated in the editing of various unified textbooks and more than 120 textbooks used in the college He has published more than 400 teaching and scientific research papers.

As an open higher vocational college with an international perspective, the school is now the secretary-general unit of Yunnan Forestry Vocational Education Group and the vice-chairman unit of the "Lancang-Mekong Vocational Education Alliance", and has been designated as the China-Netherlands FCCD project training centre. Successfully held the “First China-Myanmar Forest Resource Conservation and Community Development Forum” project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cooperated with the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada, and cooperated with the “2+2 College Upgrade” double diploma joint training project. The Ministry signed a vocational education cooperation agreement to carry out "order" training of international students, with 46 foreign students from Laos, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Malaysia. In 2017, the school was awarded the “Top 50 International Influential Schools” of the national higher vocational colleges.

In recent years, the school has successively won the National Party Building Work Model Branch, the National Vocational College Skills Competition "Outstanding Contribution Award", the National University and Technical College Student Volunteer Summer "Three Going to the Country" Social Practice Activity Excellent Unit, Provincial Civilized School, Yunnan Province The advanced collective of higher vocational education, the top ten easy classes in Yunnan Province, the provincial safe campus, the provincial national unity and progress education demonstration school, the provincial ecological civilization education base, the Kunming garden unit, etc.; the national and provincial skills In competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, he has won many first prizes and outstanding organizations; student classes, associations and individuals have emerged as a group of outstanding student groups, associations and individuals in colleges and universities across the country; the year-end employment rate of graduates has always been maintained at more than 98%, continuous In 2012, he was awarded the “First Prize” in the Employment Target Assessment by the Department of Education of Yunnan Province, and was named the “Top Five” universities with typical employment experience for graduates in Yunnan Province. In 2018, the teaching management and student management cases were identified by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education as the top 15 typical cases in the province. In the national university satisfaction survey report organized by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, the school’s five survey indicators all exceeded the national average, ranking first among the ten universities in Yunnan sampled.

Standing in the new stage of historical development, the school will take Lide to cultivate people as the fundamental task, to improve the quality of talent training as the core, and to establish a "double high" school as the goal. Strengthen the skills to promote employment, the spirit of craftsmanship, the spirit of craftsmanship, based on the forest and grass characteristics, further deepen the education and teaching reform, deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, promote the school family social cooperative education mechanism, and actively serve Yunnan Province to build a world-class The "Three Cards" strategy has embarked on a development path integrating ecological civilization and rural revitalization.