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Tibet Police Officers College

The Tibetan Police Officers College, its predecessor was the Tibetan Public Security Training Course established in September 1956. From July 1957 to March 1959, he moved to Beijing with the approval of the State Council, and established the Tibet Class in the Central People’s Public Security College (now the Public Security University). In April 1960, the Tibet Class of the Central People's Public Security College moved back to Lhasa to run a school, and it was called the Public Security School of the Autonomous Region. In March 1965, it was renamed the Political and Legal Cadre School of the Tibet Autonomous Region. In June 1973, it was renamed the Public Security School of the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau. In December 1974, it was restored to the Tibet Autonomous Region Political and Legal Cadre School. In May 1978, it was renamed the Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau Public Security School. In November 1980, with the approval of the autonomous region government, it was renamed the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Police School, which was subordinate to the Public Security Department of the autonomous region and officially opened academic education. On April 16, 2003, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was converted into a Tibetan Police Officers College. It was listed on September 8 of the same year and began to recruit students.

   The Tibet Police Officers College is a fully funded institution in the political and legal order. The school has 12 sub-offices, including the Office, Political and Workers Affairs Office (Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office), Academic Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office, General Affairs Office, Investigation Department, Public Security Management Department, Police Management Department, Law Department, Basic Department, Training Department, and Scientific Research Institute. County-level institutions, with a total establishment of 375 people. There are 135 faculty members, including 68 full-time teachers. There are 1,318 students, including 880 general college students, 289 pilot classes, and 149 correspondence students. There are currently 10 teachers assisting Tibet. There are 8 majors including police management, public security management, investigation, domestic security, traffic management engineering, economic crime investigation, information security and network supervision, and public security secretarial. three-year education.

Over the years, under the cordial care of the Party Committee and Government of the Autonomous Region, under the correct leadership of the Public Security Department and the vigorous guidance of the Education Department, through the joint efforts of the school party committee and the entire school faculty and staff, we have conscientiously implemented the party’s educational policy and adhered to socialism. In the direction of running the school, in a highly responsible attitude for public security education, adhere to the political establishment of the school, strict management of the school, continuous reform and innovation, solid diligence and dedication, and actively carry out various construction work of the school, so that the management and teaching of the school are gradually standardized. And regularization. From the secondary school education in 1980 to the present college education, in the past 29 years, we have cultivated a large number of practical talents in line with the characteristics of public security work in our district, trained and transported more than 2,600 public security graduates for the Tibetan public security front, and trained more than 10,000 active police in rotation. More than 1,800 security personnel have been trained. Graduates are located in public security organs at all levels in the district, and most of them have become business backbones, and some have taken up leadership positions such as divisions, bureaus, sections, institutes, and teams, playing an important role in the front line of Tibetan public security work. It has made due contributions to maintaining Tibet's stability and development.

The school always adheres to the "political establishment", and strives to cultivate strong political, professional, disciplined, upright work style, loyal to the party, loyal to the motherland, loyal to the people, loyal to the law, innovative consciousness, innovative ability, and adapt to the needs of police work in the new era In actual combat, a new type of talent that can ensure that "wins, speaks, and catches up" is in line with the characteristics of public security work in our district.

   In order to highlight the school-running characteristics of public security colleges, improve students' practical ability, increase the opening rate of practical courses, and meet the needs of experimental teaching, the school has always attached importance to strengthening laboratory construction. Existing trace inspection room, simulated interrogation room, autopsy room, criminal photography laboratory, document inspection laboratory, investigation laboratory, multimedia language room, computer room, etc. 85% of subjects have realized multimedia teaching. The school plans to continue to vigorously strengthen laboratory construction, focusing on the construction of physical evidence inspection, legalization, criminal photography and other laboratories, and strive to build the key laboratory of the school into an important base for criminal science and technology and physical evidence inspection in Tibet through several years of hard work. .

  Through years of unremitting efforts, the school has achieved brilliant achievements in various tasks. Was awarded the title of "National Civilization and Courtesy Month Activity Advanced Collective" and "National Public Security Front Civilized Unit"; won the "Autonomous Region Social Public Security Comprehensive Management Advanced Unit", "Autonomous Region Civilized School", "May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee", and "banned" Raya Sui has been awarded titles such as "Advanced Collective" and "Advanced Collective of National Unity"; it has won many awards in large-scale security activities in the region. Especially since 2008, all teachers, students and staff of the school have withstood the test of blood and fire, life and death in the maintenance of stability and the fight against separatism. With their persistence and bravery, they have established a good image of the people’s police and reserve police officers. They have completed various tasks assigned by their superiors and made due contributions to maintaining social stability in Tibet.

In the future development and construction, the school will be guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", guided by the scientific development concept, comprehensively implement the party's educational policy, and serve the public security work in the entire district as the core to train public security Focus on practical professionals, scientifically construct disciplines, experiments, and training systems, boldly promote education and teaching reforms, accelerate infrastructure construction, strengthen team building and management, and continuously improve the quality and level of running schools, in order to build a harmonious Tibet, safe Tibet, Well-off Tibet makes new achievements.