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Kizilsu Vocational and Technical College

Kizilsu Vocational and Technical College was founded in 1958. It is a public full-time general college, one of the eight key vocational schools in the autonomous region, a moral education model school in the autonomous region, and the only college with Kirgiz characteristics in the country. . The college is located in the Light Industrial Park of Atushi City, Kyzylsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, the western border of the motherland. It covers an area of 1025.75 acres, with a construction area of 103,400 square meters, more than 5,000 students, and more than 5,000 vocational skills training annually. The college has teaching buildings, training buildings, entrepreneurship buildings, libraries, indoor and outdoor stadiums, medical rehabilitation centers, student dormitories, teacher turnover rooms, etc.; in 2020, it is planned to build a comprehensive teaching and training room, academic exchange center, continuing education center, School-enterprise cooperation center, student entrepreneurship and employment base, etc. In 2020, the college has eight majors for higher vocational enrollment: nursing, rehabilitation treatment technology, e-commerce, modern agricultural technology, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, automobile application and maintenance technology, preschool education, and tourism management.