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Tiemenguan Vocational and Technical College

Tiemenguan Vocational and Technical College is a comprehensive full-time public higher vocational and technical college approved by the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college has 7 departments, including Mechanical Engineering Department, Automotive Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Information Engineering Department, Education and Art Department, Basic Teaching Department, and Adult Continuing Education Department. Seven majors include digital media application technology, applied chemical technology, automobile body maintenance technology, e-commerce technology, and preschool education. There are 111 faculty members; among them, there are more than 20 teachers with senior professional titles and more than 10 people with master's degree or above. The college closely focuses on the demand for high-skilled talents in the core area of Xinjiang under the national “One Belt and One Road” initiative, and strives to build a professional development system that is consistent with the requirements of industrial development, has complete categories, distinctive features, and obvious advantages. The college (Korla campus) is located in the beautiful Licheng-Korla City, Xinjiang, covering an area of 216 acres. The campus has lush flowers and plants, shades of green trees, a quiet environment, and excellent conditions for study, life and extracurricular activities. Comprehensive teaching building, skill training center, training building, student apartment, canteen, student bathroom, standard sports field and other hardware facilities are all available. The college has established more than 50 training rooms and more than 10 training workshops, with a training area of more than 20,000 square meters and a total equipment value of more than 30 million yuan. The college has signed cooperation agreements with more than 40 companies such as Xinjiang Jiutai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Siyun Dongfeng Automobile Overhaul Plant, Korla PetroChina Energy Technology Service Co., Ltd., and established a stable off-campus training base. The college has successively won the honorary titles of "National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education", "Outstanding Contribution Unit of National Skilled Talent Cultivation", and was named "Autonomous Region Health Red Flag Unit" and "Bingtuan Civilized Unit".