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Hotan Vocational and Technical College

Hotan Vocational and Technical College is a full-time general higher vocational school established in March 2018 with the approval of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region, filed by the Ministry of Education, and organized by the Hotan District Administrative Office. The college covers an area of 705 acres, with a construction area of 64,000 square meters in the first phase, including 16 individual buildings such as teaching buildings, training buildings, canteens, and dormitories.

Since the establishment of the college, the college has firmly grasped the fundamental task of Lide to foster people, adhered to the overall goal of serving "social stability and long-term stability" and the construction mentality of poverty alleviation in the region, and formed a school-running school of "rooting Hetian, serving Hetian, and boosting Hetian" Positioning clarifies the core mission of cultivating high-quality technical and technical talents to promote the economic and social development of Hotan. Facing the seven pillar industries in the region, we will build 6 professional groups of characteristic planting and processing, product design and processing, tourism services, business and finance, social and life services, and engineering technology services, with gardening technology, clothing design and technology, and cooking technology. With 9 majors such as nutrition, e-commerce, automobile inspection and maintenance, tourism management, accounting, computer network technology, and civil administration management, 46 training rooms in the hospital have been built, including 2 productive training rooms in the hospital together with enterprises; There are 12 out-of-hospital training bases; 60 professional teachers and 10 Xinjiang-aid teachers. The college enrolls 5 majors in the first batch, and currently has more than 1,600 students in secondary and higher vocational schools; it undertakes more than 6,500 various social trainings annually.

The college adheres to the school motto of "Yuru Yucheng, Virtue and Technology", guided by the "National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan", and based on the high-quality resources of Tianjin "National Modern Vocational Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone", and "build a foundation , Creating a model, striving for excellence" as the keynote of the work, strengthen