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Xinjiang Kexin Vocational and Technical College

The predecessor of Xinjiang Kexin Vocational and Technical College was the Xinjiang University Training Center established in 1992. It was renamed as Xinjiang University Training College in 1998, Xinjiang Kexin College in 2004, and Xinjiang Kexin Vocational and Technical College was established with the approval of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region in 2015. The college is a comprehensive general institution of higher learning that is qualified to issue national diplomas. Enrollment code: 14679.

The Xishan campus of the college is located in the Xishan University Town of Urumqi, next to Xinjiang Agricultural University. After the overall completion, it will meet the needs of 12,000 students. Xishan University City is located in the southern suburbs of Urumqi City, 25 kilometers, sunny and beautiful, it is a good place for reading and thinking; here it borders the XPCC Industrial Park to the west, and Jiuding Heavy Truck Automobile City to the east. The planned Metro Line 7 is directly connected to the group field. , The location and transportation advantages are obvious, and it has a good development prospect. The transportation here is convenient, and it takes about forty minutes to drive to the city center. At the same time, Xishan Farm will continue to improve the construction, operation and management level of the university city, strive to provide better public services, promote the sharing of resources in the university city, build a modern university city, and create a demonstration area for industry-university city integration.

After more than 20 years of development, the college has been named "National Student Demonstration Organization" and "National Advanced Unit for Self-discipline and Integrity Construction" by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Civil Affairs, and was named "National Higher Vocational Employment Demonstration by China Youth Daily." “School”, the college focuses on serving the tertiary industry (modern service industry) in Xinjiang, and focuses on the establishment of an operating mechanism of “integration of production and education, and school-enterprise cooperation” to achieve close integration of production, education and research, and a first-class private high school in the region with significant results in serving the society The goal of vocational colleges.

The college adheres to the tenet of service development and employment promotion, adhering to the school-running policy of "innovating mechanisms, coordinating education, highlighting characteristics, and serving the society", adapting to the needs of Xinjiang's economic and social development and the growth of technical skills and talents through school-enterprise cooperation As a platform, adhere to a diversified development model, vigorously develop higher vocational education, actively carry out life-long education-oriented vocational and technical skills training, maintain the characteristic advantages of adult education for self-study exams, and cultivate high-quality technical skills talents that meet the needs of economic and social development. Provide talent, technology and intellectual support for regional economic, social and cultural development.

The college regards improving the quality of education and teaching as the lifeline of running a school, always adheres to the central position of teaching work, gives full play to the leading role of socialist core values in student ideological and political education, firmly establishes the "education-oriented, moral education first" school concept, and innovates Talent training model, build teaching standard system, improve teaching quality management and guarantee system, focus on enhancing students’ employment and entrepreneurship ability, strengthen ideological and moral, humanistic education and technical skills training, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training.

The college gives full play to the unique educational advantages of the humanities, strengthens the mutual integration and cooperation between public basic courses and professional courses, pays attention to the cultivation of students' cultural quality, scientific literacy, comprehensive professional ability and sustainable development ability, and achieves higher-quality employment, entrepreneurship and career for students Lay the foundation for career development.

Our school has its own characteristics, management rules, students' specialties, and employment options. It is an institution that you can trust. To build a brand-new vocational and technical college with 10,000 people and cultivate modern practical technical talents is the goal of all teachers and students of our college. Xinjiang Kexin Vocational and Technical College creates wings of hope for you. Xinjiang Kexin Vocational and Technical College is the best choice for you to realize your ideals.

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