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Xinjiang Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology

Xinjiang Vocational and Technical College of Science and Technology is a full-time national university approved by the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region and filed by the Ministry of Education. The new campus of the college is adjacent to the National AAAA-level tourist scenic spot of Qinggeda Lake in Wujiaqu City, with a beautiful campus environment. There are 143 faculty members and 94 full-time teachers, including 25 teachers with a master's degree or above, 10 senior titles, and 25 training instructors. The college has complete teaching equipment and complete infrastructure. There are modern teaching activities such as multimedia language classrooms, computer classrooms, libraries, electronic reading rooms, physical rooms, electrical automation training rooms, business management training rooms, computer network and security management training rooms, and accounting computerization training rooms. The facilities provide students with high-quality educational resources and a relaxing and pleasant learning environment.

The college adopts a military school-based management model to build a safe campus, and focuses on the cultivation of the five abilities of students' viability, living ability, learning ability, employability, and development ability, with the goal of cultivating advanced skills and application-oriented talents for students to succeed in life Lay a solid foundation and make contributions to "enriching people and consolidating borders".

The college implements a military school-based management model, strictly in accordance with the "six modernizations" standards: "the appearance of military personnel, dormitory military camp, training and management military school, military training, dining, military, attendance and military discipline" routine management of students' daily life .

The college adopts the teaching mode of "integration of theory and practice", teaching at the same time and at the same place. The classroom and the workshop are integrated, theory teaching and practice are integrated, so that students can learn in accordance with the requirements of the syllabus of combining theory and practice. The college implements the integration of secondary and high vocational schools. Secondary vocational students pass the three-school student examination in the year of graduation, and excellent secondary vocational students can directly enter the higher vocational (college) stage of study after passing the recommendation. 10% of outstanding college graduates can take the promotion exam upon recommendation, and those who meet the requirements can be promoted to undergraduate studies. The remaining students can continue to study through other methods of our school. Those who pass the grade can receive the undergraduate diploma and bachelor's degree certificate. Let every student realize the ideal of raising the level of higher education.

The college has set up an employment guidance office, established good cooperative relations with hundreds of enterprises inside and outside Xinjiang, signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements, established talent training bases, and implemented personalized talent training. Based on regional economic development, the college provides high-quality talent service guarantees. It has successively recommended excellent interns for Urumqi Beixin Building Materials, Zhonghua United, Xinjiang Zhonghe Company, Wujiaqu Industry and Commerce Bureau, Audit Bureau, Tourism Bureau, and Industrial Park. And graduates, the employment reputation has been unanimously praised by employers and all walks of life.