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Hami Vocational and Technical College

Hami Vocational and Technical College is a general higher vocational college with full-time public junior college level. Based on the integration of high-quality vocational education resources in the entire region, the college was established in February 2014 with the approval of the People's Government of the Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Education.

The campus covers an area of 294,000 square meters, with a building area of 112,000 square meters, fixed assets of nearly 300 million yuan, and a library of nearly 130,000 books. The college has 898 computers and 116 network multimedia classrooms; Xinjiang Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd., SDIC Lop Nur Potash Co., Ltd., Kashgar District First People's Hospital, Hami Hotel Co., Ltd., Hami Tianma Trading Co., Ltd., There are 34 off-campus training bases including Ruixin Accounting Firm and Hami Huachuang Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. On the basis of coordinating the faculty of the whole district, the college has built a qualified faculty team by introducing and hiring talents with high academic qualifications and titles, training teachers in advance, and using Henan aid resources. The college has 333 faculty members and 236 full-time teachers, including 154 full-time professional teachers, 31 on-campus part-time teachers, and 43 off-campus part-time teachers; 60 are senior professional titles, 91 are intermediate professional titles, and 42 are graduate students and above. , 202 undergraduates; 96 dual-qualified teachers; 3,598 students in higher vocational and secondary vocational schools, and 1,008 adult and junior correspondence students.

Centering on Xinjiang’s economic and social development, and in accordance with market demand, the college currently sets up applied chemical technology, industrial analysis technology, mechatronics technology, electrical automation technology, maintenance and management of mechanical and electrical equipment, nursing, automobile application and maintenance technology, accounting, financial management, There are 10 higher vocational majors and 17 secondary vocational majors in automobile marketing and service. In the next few years, we will build six major groups of manufacturing, automotive, chemical technology, mining engineering, medicine and health, and financial management, and gradually increase new energy application technology, tourism management, public service and other majors.

The college adheres to the policy of coordinated development of scale, quality, and efficiency, and establishes a school-running philosophy of equal emphasis on external expansion and connotative development, as well as academic education and vocational skills training. The college will strengthen it through various methods such as "order-based" and "modern apprenticeship" training. Cooperate with industries and enterprises to achieve the win-win goal of "students have jobs for graduation, talents for enterprise development, and students for colleges and universities"; at the same time, they carry out enterprise employee training, skill appraisal, technology development and service work, and expand opening up and cooperation and exchanges ; Plan to introduce high-quality educational resources at home and abroad to improve the ability and level of running schools; develop professional courses in accordance with the technical standards of industry enterprises; implement a task-driven and project-oriented teaching model, focus on cultivating certain theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability, and face the grassroots , Practical, technical skills-oriented senior professionals for production, service-oriented and management first-line professional positions.

Through hard work, Hami Vocational and Technical College will gradually become a higher vocational college with excellent conditions for running schools, distinctive features, and a certain influence in Xinjiang and even the northwestern region.