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Xingxin Vocational and Technical College of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Xingxin Vocational and Technical College of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps was founded in 1980. Approved by the autonomous region in 2013, it was formed by the merger of the Corps Advanced Technical School, Corps Industry and Trade School, and Corps Vocational and Technical Training College. It is affiliated to Corps Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Engineering-based comprehensive higher vocational colleges have a history of 40 years.

The college adheres to the XPCC, serving the economic and social development of the XPCC, and focuses on cultivating technical and technical talents with the XPCC's spirit and innovative spirit. Has been awarded by the state as "National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education", "The First Batch of National Demonstration Bases for Training High-skilled Talents", "National 100 Moral Education Demonstration Education Bases", "Advanced Collectives of National Education System", "Excellent Contribution Award for Talent Training"; Outstanding Contribution Award for Skilled Talent Cultivation"; it is also a training base for college graduates of the XPCC, the XPCC Transportation Training Center, the XPCC Safety Training Center, the XPCC Supply and Marketing Cooperative Training Center, the XPCC Trade Union, the Youth League Committee Training Base, and the XPCC-level backbone teacher training base. "The Corps’ Training Demonstration School for Female Workers" and the off-campus learning centers of Beijing Jiaotong University and South China University of Technology.

The college is currently located in Urumqi, covering an area of 335.7 acres and a building area of 150,000 square meters. It is currently preparing a new campus of 1,000 acres. There are 92 training and experimental bases inside and outside the school, including 7 training bases supported by the central government. The training equipment is worth more than 50 million yuan, and the experiment and training equipment rate reaches 95%.

The college currently has 451 teachers, 72 with titles of associate professor and above, 94 lecturers, and more than 70% of the "dual teacher" teachers have been established. 3 national-level "famous teacher studios" and 3 corps-level "famous teacher studios" have been established. Two of them were awarded the titles of "Outstanding Teachers of Chinese Technical and Technical Colleges" and "China's First Famous Teaching Teachers of Vocational Colleges", 1 person enjoyed the State Council's Special Allowance for High-Skilled Talents, and 1 expert of the Corps with outstanding contributions.

The college currently has more than 8,000 full-time students. The Department of Mechanical and Automobile, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Construction Engineering, Department of Culinary and Tourism, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Training and Continuing Education, and the Eighth National Vocational Appraisal Institute of the Corps are set up. There are 25 higher vocational majors including automobile application and maintenance technology, engineering cost, digital media application technology, cooking technology and nutrition, and electrical automation. Over the years, the college has actively explored and practiced a new model of school-enterprise cooperation, and has established internship and employment "dual bases" with more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises to ensure 100% internship and recommended employment for graduates. In the 40 years since the establishment of the school, more than 60,000 professional and technical talents have been sent to the Corps and the autonomous region.

The college participated in various vocational skills competitions at all levels and won a total of 498 awards (including group awards), including 274 awards in national skills competitions. In 2019, the college took the first place in all competitions in the student group of the eighth vocational skills competition of the Corps; the college was successfully approved for the "45th World Skills Competition Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Project China Training Base", and at the same time, it has undertaken the Corps vocational skills competition 7 times in a row.

Relying on the national high-skilled talent training demonstration base, the college is aimed at the demand for skilled talents in the XPCC industry, and actively faces the XPCC’s enterprise employees, workers transferred from the regiment field, urban registered unemployed persons, unemployed college graduates, technical institutions and institutions. Workers and other groups carry out large-scale vocational skills training and academic education services to meet the diverse needs of skilled workers for lifelong learning, and the annual social training is about 10,000 people. The college was awarded the honorary title of "National Outstanding Adult Continuing Education College (Training Institution)", among which the "Nongjiale" and "Network Marketing" training projects were rated as the National Lifelong Learning Brand Project.

Adhering to the school motto of "Honesty, Strengthening Technology, Patriotic and Prosperous School", the college actively serves the "Southern Development of the Corps" and the new needs of southern Xinjiang. In 2019, the party committee of the Corps decided to move the college to Tiemenguan City, the second division, invest 1.28 billion yuan, adhere to high-start planning and high-standard construction, and strive to build the college into the largest and best-quality vocational college in southern Xinjiang.