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Bortala Vocational and Technical College

Bortala Vocational and Technical College is the only public higher education institution in Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture that integrates full-time academic education, adult continuing education, vocational training, and skill appraisal. The school covers an area of 985 mu, with a total construction area of 105,000 square meters. The total value of existing teaching equipment is 97.81 million yuan, the collection of paper books is 85,000, and the collection of e-books is 4.6TB; a smart campus network with full coverage of wired and wireless has been built; a number of A productive training base integrating student internship and training; a motor vehicle driving training base integrating teaching and social services.

The school has 10 secondary colleges, including the Marxist College, the School of Health and Health, the School of Education, the School of Transportation, the School of Mechanical and Electrical, the School of Tourism, the School of Business, the School of Information Engineering, the Training School (Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute), and the School of Continuing Education. There are 34 secondary and higher vocational majors including elementary education, preschool education, nursing, tourism management, electrical automation technology, automobile manufacturing and testing technology, software technology, big data and accounting, and modern agricultural economic management. There are currently 5535 students in school. There are 327 faculty members, 15 teachers from Hubei Province assisted in Xinjiang, and more than 70 experts, skilled craftsmen, and outstanding managers from industry enterprises are employed as part-time teachers. The faculty has the characteristics of a ternary structure of double-teacher quality with "academic teachers as the main body, Xinjiang aid teachers as the backing, and part-time teachers as the supplement". Hubei nine exemplary higher vocational colleges and schools carry out counterpart support and cooperation exchanges. Every year, outstanding students can be selected to the relevant professional training bases of Hubei cooperative colleges for special internships, practical training and pre-competition counseling for skills competitions.

In recent years, the school has always adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee’s Xinjiang Work The spirit of the symposium, the implementation of the party’s education policy, adhere to the direction of running a school of "marketing, serving development, and promoting employment", adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating people, firmly hold on to the overall goal of Xinjiang work, and follow the work deployment of the autonomous region party committee and the autonomous prefecture party committee The development strategy of "Unity and Stabilize the State, Ecologically Build the State, Strengthen the State by Ports, and Prosper the State by Tourism", adhere to the development of characteristics, connotation, innovation, and coordinated development, comprehensively deepen connotation construction, continuously improve the ability and level of talent training, and effectively improve talent training Quality has made outstanding contributions to local economic construction and social development.