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Xinjiang Sports Vocational and Technical College

Xinjiang Sports Vocational and Technical College is a non-profit organization affiliated to the Sports Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The college is hosted by the Sports Bureau of the Autonomous Region, supervised by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, and under the direct leadership of the Party Committee of the College to carry out the various work of the college .

The college covers an area of 184.3 acres, the building area has reached 67531.34 square meters, and the per student teaching and administrative room has reached 22 square meters; the existing teaching, training and scientific research equipment is more than 30 million yuan; the collection of books is more than 250,000; the current teachers of the college There are 134 people, including 116 full-time teachers, 125 teachers with a bachelor degree or above, and 19 with a postgraduate degree. The school currently has 41 teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 30.6% of the total number of teachers; the college opens 5 majors (sports training, competitive sports, social sports, sports service and management, sports health care), and plans to establish 2 majors (ethnic traditional sports, sports Leisure service and management); there are 5 provincial training bases, and 6 national reserve talent training bases in the school.