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Xinjiang Tianshan Vocational and Technical University

Xinjiang Tianshan Vocational and Technical College is a private national college approved by the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region and registered by the Ministry of Education. It aims to cultivate high-level application-oriented talents and is qualified to issue national diplomas. It is the Xinjiang base of distance education of the Ministry of Education, the governing unit of the national online education system, and the national employability demonstration college. There are national English application proficiency test centers, English four and six test centers, as well as vocational skills appraisal centers, computer high-tech vocational qualification examination stations of the Ministry of Labor and other vocational qualification examination institutions. He has been awarded the title of "Advanced School Running Unit", "Advanced Collective of Education System" by the Education Department of the Autonomous Region, and "National Advanced Unit" awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. China Education News, Xinjiang Daily, Xinjiang TV, Xinjiang Education TV and many other media have repeatedly reported on the performance of our school.

The college is located in the AAAA-level scenic area in Shuimogou District, Urumqi. It is adjacent to the new campus of the Normal University across Daxue Road in the north, and faces Guanyuan Road in the villa area of Golin Town in the east. West, golf and ski resorts are all in the college. Nearby, the transportation is convenient, there are 34 bus directly to the front of the college. The campus has green mountains and green waters, a beautiful environment, blue sky and white clouds, blue tiles and tall buildings, no environmental pollution, there are birds and flowers, no hustle and bustle of the city, and the sound of books is the best place for educating people and learning. It has created a good humanistic atmosphere and elegant natural environment for aspiring young people to seek knowledge and become talents.

   There are teaching departments such as the School of Information Technology, the School of Electronics and Communication, the School of Engineering and Automobile, the School of Chamber of Commerce, the School of Languages, the School of Economics and Trade Management, the School of Modern Service Management, the School of Humanities and Arts, the Department of International Students, and the Department of Undergraduate (Study Aid). There are now 29 majors (for enrollment nationwide), with more than 8,000 students in school.

  Our school insists on strengthening the school with talents and pursuing academic studies by experts. There are more than 500 full-time and part-time teachers (including more than 300 full-time teachers), forming a team of teachers with high and intermediate titles as the backbone. Our school attaches great importance to optimizing the conditions for running a school, with advanced teaching equipment, with 53 various training bases and training rooms, and computer-related professional classrooms have realized the configuration of special personnel and special machines. Our school has accurate positioning, standardized school behavior, rigorous education and teaching order, and has a good social reputation. Our school adheres to strict management of the school and believes in the teaching principle of "management of teaching quality and management of outstanding talents", and is known for its strict and excellent management. Good teachers, strict management and modern education and teaching conditions ensure the quality of teaching in our school, and are generally praised and trusted by students and parents.

   The Employment Guidance Office of our hospital provides full training, guidance and recommendation for student employment. Numerous training and employment bases have formed a system, and the one-time employment rate of graduates has continued to rise, as reported by China Education News and Xinjiang Daily. Since the establishment of the school, our college has successively sent tens of thousands of graduates of various types to the society, and has been praised by employers. It has been awarded the title of 20 Employability Demonstration Colleges of Private Colleges and Universities across the country. Our college has become the college that the majority of candidates are yearning to study.